Channel 4’s new series Born Famous sees the children of celebrities view what their lives could have been like if their parents had not made it.

So far we’ve seen Gordon Ramsay’s son Jack take on life living in an Oxford’s council estates and Spice Girl Mel B’s daughter Phoenix upend her über-glamorous American life for one in Leeds. But none of the celebs so far have seen as dramatic a life swap as Baroness Michelle Mone’s daughter, Bethany.

In episode 3 (Monday, August 19th) of Born Famous, Bethany leaves her mother’s £120 million mansion and heads to Glasgow’s East End to experience life as her mother did growing up.

So how did Michelle Mone go from Glasgow Eastender to one of the UK’s richest women? What is her net worth?

Screenshot: Michelle Mone with Ultimo bra – Born Famous S1 E3 – 4oD

Michelle’s multi-millionaire lifestyle

Business savvy Michelle Mone told the Born Famous cameras that, “I started my first business when I was 10-years-old.”

Since that age, Michelle has had her business know-how proved by becoming a serial entrepreneur. And this has resulted in a multi-million-pound business and a millionaire’s lifestyle for Michelle and Bethany.


Michelle currently lives with billionaire fiancé Doug Barrowman in their nine-figure mansion on the Isle of Mann. The 37-acre property has seven bed and baths, pools, tennis courts and a live-in private chef.

In Michelle’s Instagram bio she says “Work hard, play even harder& give something back” and that is the sentiment she is hoping to instil in Bethany.

Screenshot: Michelle’s mansion in Born Famous S1 E3 – 4oD

What is Michelle Mone’s net worth?

Michelle founded MJM International with her then-husband Michael Mone in November 1996. Through MJM, they founded the Ultimo bra in August 1999 which saw the business’ net worth rocket to £39 million.

In 2014, Michelle Mone sold all of Ultimo and then in August 2015, she resigned her directorships of both MJM International and Ultimo.

Since selling her passion projects, she has gone on to develop tanning brand Utan And Tone and Michelle Mone Interiors. But that is not only where Michelle’s income comes from. She’s one of the highest-paid business speakers in the UK, charging up to £25,000 per speech! Now that’s a genius way to make some cash.

With all of her businesses and extras combined, Michelle Mone’s net worth sits at around £20 million, according to The Sun.

But this pales in comparison to her fiancé, Doug Barrowman, who is estimated to be worth £1 billion!