Midnight Asia's Manila episode features wrestlers, rappers and restaurants

Midnight Asia's Manila episode features wrestlers, rappers and restaurants

Netflix is a go-to streaming service for all kinds of interesting docu-series. In 2022, Midnight Asia: Eat, Dance, Dream is a brand new release on Netflix as of January 20th. The series is made up of six episodes each of which focuses on a different Asian city. Viewers are taken from Tokyo to Mumbai, Taipei and more and get to discover what these huge cities are like by night.

The final episode of Midnight Asia is centred around Manila in the Phillippines. During the episode’s introduction, viewers can hear the words: “At night, we don’t want to be who we’re told to be. We want to be who we want to be.” So, let’s find out more about the people and places featured in the Manila episode.

Midnight Asia: Eat, Dance, Dream | Official Trailer | Netflix

Midnight Asia: Eat, Dance, Dream | Official Trailer | Netflix

Midnight Asia explores Manila’s nightlife scene

Each episode of Midnight Asia takes a look at the contrast between day and night in Asian cities. Judging by the show, Manila’s nightlife scene is vibrant and no matter what time it is, it seems that there’s something to do there.

The show features Filipino rap battle artists who take part in the FlipTop BattleLeague. The founder and CEO of FlipTop BattleLeague, Alaric Yuson, AKA Anygma, is interviewed during the series. Find him on Facebook here.

Battle rapper and musician Hansel Cabo AKA Sak Maestro is also featured in the episode, he can be found on Instagram @hansel_cabo.

As Midnight Asia episode 6 unfold, it’s clear that Manila’s underground nightlife scene is booming. Manila’s only underground queer techno party, The Elephant Party at XX XX Nightclub, is featured in the episode.

As explained in the episode, “…approximately half of the Phillippines population is under 25“. And that’s said to be felt in Manila’s nightlife.

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Midnight Asia’s Manila epsiode features Lugawan sa Tejeros

Of course, if the city is thriving at night, it makes sense that there would be a lot of food on offer when the sun’s gone down. At all hours of the night delicious food is accessible and one restaurant featured in the episode, Lugawan sa Tejeros, is open 24 hours a day.

Ethel De Vera is a co-owner of Lugawan sa Tejeros which is located in Makati City.

Some nights, Ethel is serving over 500 people a night at her restaurant.

Manila is big on basketball – at night

One of the cast members on Midnight Asia, Mike Swift, said that at night, Manila is “quieter, calmer and cooler” which is likely a reason why people choose to play sports at night.

Viewers are taken to the Philippine Wrestling Revolution at the Power Mac Centre Spotlight Theatre. Vernice Gabriel, AKA Crystal, is a female wrestler featured on the show. Find the pro wrestler on Instagram @imvernice.

Later in the episode, basketball advocate and street artist Mike Swift introduces viewers to The Tenement in Taguig City. He and Eddie Barbuena are interviewed during the Manila episode which sees a huge mural of Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gigi, revealed. The whole community pitches in to put the Tenement on the map as per Mike Swift. He added: “That’s what basketball did for this Tenement community.”

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