Miles and Verity dating has Made in Chelsea fans all saying the same thing

Miles and Verity dating has Made in Chelsea fans all saying the same thing

Made in Chelsea is back on E4 in 2022 with its twenty-third season. The Channel 4 show takes love triangles to a whole new level and when it comes to dating in SW3, it seems that girl and boy code really can go out the window. Olivia Bentley and her ex, Digby Edgely, are paving the way for any other exes on the show, though, as they’re now amicable and moving on with new people.

There’s a lot to keep up with when it comes to who’s dating who in Chelsea. So, let’s find out more about Miles and Verity’s romance on Made in Chelsea. Are they actually dating and how could that be possible?

Taskmaster | Series 13 Official Trailer | Channel 4

Taskmaster | Series 13 Official Trailer | Channel 4

Miles and Verity’s dating history explored

Miles Nazaire revealed during Made in Chelsea season 23 that he has been single for the past four years. Prior to his single and ready to mingle days, Miles was in a long term relationship with Maeva D’Ascanio.

It looks like things have really gone full circle with the Made in Chelsea men after James Taylor began dating Miles’ ex Maeva, now Miles is dating Tristan Phipps’ ex, Verity Bowditch.

During season 23, Gareth Locke asked whether Miles and Verity had dated before and said: “I wonder where that’s going to go“. Liv Bentley added: “To the bedroom“.

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Made in Chelsea: Are Miles and Verity now dating?

Made in Chelsea season 23 episode 2 sees Miles and Verity accidentally end up on a double date together. Miles was joining Julius Cowdrey while Verity was having a drink with Tabitha Willett.

In true MIC style, it turned out that Miles and Tabitha had previously hooked up but Miles and Verity didn’t appear to have any reservations about getting to know each other more.

Verity said that Miles was “handsome” and Miles replied that she was “beautiful” while on their double date.

At the end of episode 2, the episode 3 snippet showed Miles and Verity kissing and Verity’s ex, Tristan Phipps, didn’t seem pleased with Miles’ moves.

MIC fans are saying the same thing about Miles and Verity

As well as Tristan raising an eyebrow at Miles and Verity dating, Made in Chelsea fans are bracing themselves for what Maeva will make of their romance.

Although Maeva’s currently in a relationship with James Taylor, she and Miles have often flirted (at times in French) on the show and act like there’s some sort of unfinished business there.

Miles moving on with Verity is likely to result in Maeva erupting with anger as she and Verity famously didn’t get on in the past.

Many Made in Chelsea fans are already imagining what could happen in upcoming episodes with one tweeting: “So can’t wait to see Maveas reaction to Miles and Verity dating next episode“.

Another said: “…can’t wait for the backlash from Maeva when Verity and Miles get it on“.

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