Million Dollar Matchmaker: Devina really LIKES sex!

You know Patti and Candace are going to have their matchmaking work cut out when the initial consultation turns into a shouting match.

That’s right, Million Dollar Matchmaker Devina really likes sex, and she isn’t afraid who knows it.

Not best pleased with Patti

And what is Devina shouting during a heated opening to the Million Dollar Matchmaker new series?

Well, it’s hard to tell with all the bleeping.

But we do find out a little bit about Devina and what she’s looking for.

Vital Statistics

Age: 41 years old.

Where does she get her millions: Writer and entrepreneur of SexyBrilliant.

Dating past: Divorced, been discovering her sexual side… so much so that when she runs out of Tinder matches, she resorts to Craigslist.

But Devina doesn’t want to end up alone. Cue the Million Dollar Matchmaker.

Spoiler alert: Patti doesn’t like those numbers, and she likes Craigslist even less. This is the Millionaires’ Club, after all, they’re a little more discerning.

Ready to Mingle

Can they turn Devina from a maneater into a man meeter? Someone who waits to be approached and doesn’t bring up the topic of sex right away?

Those are Patti’s rules, and she picks out dates that should lead Devina towards relationships and away from one-night-stands.

Time to start the Mingle, where Devina meets the best dating options, handpicked by Patti and her matchmaking team.

Did you guess that Devina will eventually throw out the rules and convince the stripper amongst her date options to get his kit off Bonus points for you, but it leaves Patti ‘royally pissed off’.

Enough to pick Devina’s date for her, instead of letting her choose alike other clients. No Scott the stripper for you, Devina!


Patti said: If Devina opens her heart and her mind instead of her legs, she might just see that I picked the right partner for her.”

The Big Date

Devina wants ‘fun and exciting’, but she gets an ice-cream parlour date with Jason.

He does rent out the whole place. No mixing with the public for our millionaires!

Is he going to win her over by calling her ‘quirky’?

When it comes to the crunch, Devina has to decide whether she wants the nice guy option. What she doesn’t realise is that he has to decide if he can get past her lewd behaviour at the Mingle.

Will Jason be waiting when they open the door?


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