Peter provides Patti with a first: a Million Dollar Matchmaker relationship virgin!

Not an actual virgin, of course, but still, this guy hasn’t dated anyone properly since his pre-coming-out girlfriend in high school.

It doesn’t really help that he dresses like he’s still in school, but Maxwell and his snappy suits are riding to the rescue.

George Michael 101

Peter, mate. Know your gay icons.

Patti can teach her clients any number of things, from dating rules to how to fix their hair, but she’s taken aback by Peter’s millennial ignorance of the much-missed popstar.

Doesn’t stop Peter yelling ‘YOU’RE OLD’ at her until he goes off to do some learning.

Go Team Alpha

Getting Peter to look up from his phone is obstacle number one. Patti’s first LOVE LESSON is to be present and actually engage when handsome men get their flirt on.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Changing board shorts for a blue suit deals with the immaturity of Peter’s look, and once he’s diverted away from a random group of straight guys, he manages to strike up a conversation with all of his potential dates.

Is he ready for a brave new world where he deletes Grindr, as per Patti’s rules?

Let’s Bowl

Not since Grease 2 has the bowling alley been such a hot date, and Anthony’s trousers are at least as tight as Michelle Pfeiffer’s.

Emboldened by his special bowling jacket perhaps, Peter goes with the hands-on demonstration of good bowling technique and then starts trading strikes for kisses.

Not bad for a first date.

Peter looking shocked Million Dollar Matchmaker relationship virgin

The Moment of Truth

Has Peter really seen the light on dating for real?

When he hands over his phone to Maxwell, the truth is revealed… Grindr has been deleted!

Now he just needs Anthony to decide whether he wants to go all in with someone who has no relationship experience. As Candace points out, that can be a chance to mould the perfect boyfriend.

Will Anthony walk through the door for Peter? It’s looking pretty good.

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