Minty green house is definition of Fixer Upper after Chip and Jo's work
Screenshot: Abandoned Family Home Is Completely Restored | Fixer Upper

Minty green house is definition of Fixer Upper after Chip and Jo's work

Chip and Joanna Gaines have been flipping houses in Waco, Texas for almost a decade in 2022 and it’s safe to say they’ve had many happy customers over the years who have had their dilapidated properties transformed into dream homes.

Joanna and Chip had their work cut out with one of their projects during Fixer Upper: Welcome home’s first season. Dubbed the ‘minty green house’, the property became the definition of a ‘fixer-upper’ after all of Chip and Joanna’s hard work.

Fixer Upper: Welcome Home | Official Trailer | Magnolia Network

Fixer Upper: Welcome Home | Official Trailer | Magnolia Network

Where is the minty green house on Fixer Upper?

Fixer Upper’s minty green house is located in Waco, Texas.

As described on, Chip and Joanna’s website, the house sits “on the corner of a beautiful neighborhood“.

The large cottage was built in the 1950s and had been vacant for 15 years before Chip managed to get his hands on it.

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The house was renovated on Fixer Upper Welcome Home season 1

Fixer Upper Welcome Home season 1 was rounded off with the stunning transformation of the minty green house. The home was featured in episode 9 and despite Chip and Joanna having their work cut out, they managed to turn the property into a beautifully designed modern home.

Chip and Joanna’s plan involved keeping the original wooden floors and house layout, moving the front door, installing new windows and create a “bold design” while maintaining a cottage feel.

The renovation duo replaced the minty green shingle but kept a similar colour for the finished effect of the home’s exterior.

Looking at the final result of the minty green house, it’s now comprised of a living room, dining room, kitchen, den, primary suite, bedroom, bathroom and a library. Viewers can check out the finished result via the Magnolia website and take a 360 degree tour of the minty green house.

The minty green house gave Joanna scope to be creative

Chip had been waiting 10 years to get his hands on the minty green house and because of this, there wasn’t actually a client working with Chip and Joanna on the home. Usually the duo are given some guidelines or aspects to consider for their client but this time around, Joanna could go to town designing the cottage however she saw fit.

Writing on their Magnolia page, Joanna said that she “…embraced the opportunity to stretch myself with this project“.

Apartment Therapy wrote in 2021 that Joanna’s target audience for this flip was “newlyweds and/or young families” and that she was going for “a hotel getaway vibe“.

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