The moment Martin Kemp “cooked his buttercream” on Great Celebrity Bake Off

The Great Celebrity Bake Off returned to our screens with a bang on Tuesday night, as Martin Kemp sent Twitter into overload with his catastrophic attempts to bake a few buns.

The former Eastenders actor and Spandau Ballet bassist was joined by comedians Roisin Conaty and Harry Hill, alongside journalist Bill Turnbull in episode one.

Over the series of three baking tasks, Martin proved himself a nifty mover in the kitchen, although in the initial challenge the 56-year-old made the mother of all Bake Off mishaps.

Screen Shot: HARRY HILL – Celebrity Bake Off, C4

Screen Shot: HARRY HILL – Celebrity Bake Off, C4

Kemp Special

Martin admitted that he was delving deep into his family’s recipe book, bringing to life his kids’ favourite recipe, vanilla cupcakes.

Screen Shot: Celebrity Bake Off, C4

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However, setting himself the ambitious task of perfecting the baker’s dozen while adding an artistic piped icing flower display, things didn’t go as smoothly as the silver fox would have hoped.

Quote of the Show

Martin started his journey slowly and precisely, using an ice cream scoop to carefully measure his mixes.

By the end of the task, he was running around in blind panic.

Having used two separate bowls for the icing and cake mixture, Martin found himself caught in a fluster and ended up placing the buttercream into the oven instead of his cake mixture.

Screen Shot: “I’ve cooked the buttercream” – Celebrity Bake Off, C4

Screen Shot: Celebrity Bake Off, C4

Screen Shot: Celebrity Bake Off, C4

Err, really don’t think that is going to rise, mate.

Screen Shot: Celebrity Bake Off, C4

Twitter loved the five-minute interlude revolving around Martin’s quote “I’ve cooked my buttercream”, giving the actor a memorable one-liner that will stay in Celebrity Bake Off folklore.

Recipe for Disaster 

Presenter Sandi Toksvig could only ask “what the heck is that?” as Martin told her it was a “disaster” and the pair attempted to salvage the buns.

But, the time-pressured environment took its toll on Martin yet again, as his second batch of buns failed to rise to the occasion.

The final result saw Marty Mart come last in the 12-bun task, with judge Prue Leith almost unable to digest the handfuls of sponge he had produced.

Screen Shot: Celebrity Bake Off, C4

Screen Shot: Celebrity Bake Off, C4

Martin did redeem himself with his batch of Crepe Suzettes and performed even better in final three-dimensional biscuit Showstopper.

Although we cant imagine Martin’s kids will be asking him to whip up their next birthday cake.


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