Monsters Inc cast - Boo NOW, receptionist Roz voiced by a man!

Disney classic Monsters Inc is on Freeview TV this Christmas.

Sully, Mike and adorable little Boo are all part of the Christmas Day schedule, airing at 1:20 pm on BBC 1. The second film of the franchise, Monsters University, airs on Christmas Eve.

Here are some unusual facts about the cast, including what Boo looks like now.

Monsters Inc Cast Roz

The scratchy, gravelly voice of receptionist Roz is actually played by a man, despite the character being female.

It’s probably our favourite voice in the film!

The man behind the miracle is Bob Peterson.

He is something of a voiceover guru and also lends his not-so-soothing tones to Disney movie Up.

Here, he is the voice of Dug the dog – sounding totally different to Roz, though!

Bob has also been in Toy Story 3, Cars, The Incredibles and is Mr Ray in Finding Nemo.

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Monsters Inc Cast Boo

Adorable little Boo was just as adorable in real life.

She was played by Mary Gibbs, who was just six years old when Monsters Inc was filmed in 2001.

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Boo is now a yoga teacher and lives in Hawaii.

In 2012 she was diagnosed with scoliosis.

Monsters Inc Cast Randall

The cast choice of Randall is pretty damn impeccable.

Steve Buscemi plays the sneaky and snaky lizard, Randall.

You’ll recognise him from a host of movies other past 30 years, mainly Reservoir Dogs, The Big Lebowski and more recently, Grown Ups.

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Monsters Inc Cast Mike

The two main characters, Mike and Sullivan, are played by recognisable actors.

The deep, bellowing voice of Sully is portrayed by John Goodman, who is also recognisable as Fred Flinstone.

Mike is played by Billy Crystal.

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