Moonshiners is a long-running Discovery show which cosuments the lives of liquor distillers who operate in the Appalachian mountains in the USA. The Moonshiners make their living illegally, although some of the show’s cast members have gone on to form legal liquor businesses such as Mark and Digger.

Josh Owens has been a cast member on Moonshiners for many years, he was mentored by Barney Barnwell and has appeared on the show for eight seasons so far. So, let’s find out more about Josh, his age, birthday and family explored.

How old is Moonshiners star Josh Owens?

Josh Owens has been a cast member on Discovery’s Moonshiners since season 2.

He was born on August 28th, 1977 in Columbus, North Carolina, which makes him 44 years old.

Josh first joined the Moonshiners cast in 2012 when he was 35 years old.

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Josh Owens’ career explored

Although some of the cast members on Moonshiners have been perfecting their craft of creating liquor since they were young teenagers, Josh actually had a different passion before opting for a career making moonshine.

Josh is a former motorcross racer and he writes on his Facebook page that he likes “motorcycle track racing” and “riding quad bikes“.

He has a company named Tree and Yard Busters and Josh is likely still maintaining peoples’ gardens in 2022 as he writes on social media that he’s a “tree cutter“.

Is Josh on Instagram?

Yes, Josh can be found on Instagram @moonshiner_josh with around 41k followers. He’s also on Twitter @MoonshinerJosh with 6.6k followers.

The 45-year-old has a daughter named Elizabeth Reese Owens who appears on his IG feed from time to time as well as other family members including his neices and nephews.

Another love in Josh’s life, his dog, Cutiepie also appears on the ‘gram.

While Josh has got an impressive following on Instagram and Twitter, his TikTok following blows all others out the park as he has around 240k followers and almost 600k likes on his account.

He writes in his social media bios that he’s a “stunt motorcycle rider, moonshiners, mountain man, entrepreneur, father” and that his bestfriends are “Bootleg Bill and Cutiepie“.

Josh also has his own website where his fans can arrange a meet and greet. He also has an online shop which sells merchandise including hip flasks, clothing, hats, stickers and more.

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