MTV has whipped up yet another new series with Refreshers Week airing from Tuesday, September 24th.

The series follows a group of 25-30 year-olds as they go back to uni to relive Freshers week, taking on challenges, tasks and drinking games along the way.

Sponsored by Strongbow, it’s bound to be a messy affair. But, who are the cast of MTV Refreshers Week?

Let’s get to know the born-again students!

Refreshers Week Champers

Okay, so we’re not 100% sure if this is his real name, but according to his Insta, his name is full name is Champers Whittle.

Either way, all you need to know is that Champers is a Dreamboys male stripper.


The bodybuilding and fitness model already has 14,000 followers on the Gram, with pictures dedicated to each and every one of his abs. He likes to pose stood on top of cars and has a signature move of putting his middle finger up.

Love this guy already…

Refreshers Week Laura

Blonde stunner and rock ‘n’ roll enthusiast Laura has plenty of pictures to get your heart racing on Instagram.

She’s from Manchester and looks like she could slot into the uni lifestyle with ease – every other post is about pizza!

Refreshers Week Evan

Model Evan has over 30,000 followers on Instagram with a dedicated crowd addicted to his tattoos.

From neck to fingertips, the Refreshers Week student is covered in tattoos. In fact, he just got one on his head, too.

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Refreshers Week Amy

Known in the real life as Amy Pascoe, we found the brunette beauty under @amyypascoe.

Amy is a mum of one, with her daughter aged five years old. She works in Ladbrokes and is a massive fan of Connor McGregor.

Will she be able to roll with the punches at uni or is your money on someone else?

Refreshers Week Jordan

Kickboxer Jordan has a string of unusual hobbies, including go-karting and playing the drums. He is the founder of a fitness company and a three-time gold medalist in ITF Taekwondo.

He had chest surgery in September 2016 but came out the other side proud of his scars.

Refreshers Week Skul

Again, we’re sure Skul Duggz isn’t his real name, but it is at least his rapper name.

The wannabe U.K rapper released a track earlier this week, check it out:

Refreshers Week Elysia

Single mum and 27-year-old Elysis is a photographer and artist from Derbyshire.

She gives little away on social media, especially considering 33.3% of her photos came from the same elevator journey.

Maybe they were stuck?