MTV: When was The Challenge All Stars filmed? Cast and where to watch

When was The Challenge All Stars filmed? Viewers of the show are wondering when scenes for the MTV show were shot. Let’s take a look at the details of The Challenge: All Stars, from the filming date and air date to the cast and where to watch!

MTV’s The Challenge has been airing since 1998. The show has been hosted by TJ Lavin since 2005 as per his IMDb. Now TJ is back to present this year’s spin-off series, All Stars. After episodes of All Stars air on Paramount+, catch Devyn Simone presenting The Challenge: Aftermath which provides more behind the scenes action and gossip.

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When was The Challenge: All Stars filmed?

  • February 2021

After a quick scroll through The Challenge: All Stars’ Instagram pages, it doesn’t look as though any of them let on when filming had begun.

Cast members Beth Stolarczyk and Syrus Yarbrough can be seen pictured together in September 2020, however, as reported by Variety, filming for the show didn’t start until February 2021.

Beth Stolarczyk’s IG page sees her training throughout December 2020, so it’s likely that she was preparing for the upcoming MTV series!

The idea for the All Stars concept, featuring stars from the Real World and Road Rules series, was sparked by Mark Long in 2020.

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Meet the The Challenge: All Stars cast

The Challenge: All Stars cast consists of the following members. The show’s contenders have been selected from the Real World and Road Rules series. All 22 cast members will battle it out on the MTV show to not only maintain their reputation but also for the prize money of $500,000.

Meet the boys:

And the girls:

Where to watch The Challenge: All Stars 2021

Ready to battle it out for half a million dollars, the All Stars kick things off from April 1st 2021 on Paramount+.

The All Stars season will run for nine episodes. Paramount+ is available in the USA and Canada. However, anyone wishing to view the show from the UK would need to use a VPN tool.

Catch up with behind the scenes clips and more on The Challenge’s YouTube channel, too.

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