Meet the cast on Channel 4's new crime mystery Murder Island

Meet the cast on Channel 4's new crime mystery Murder Island

Murder Island is set to be the latest crime thriller on Channel 4 that will have audiences on the edge of their seats.

Amateur sleuths will go head-to-head in the race to solve the death riddle for a huge cash prize.

The contestants will have to decipher the clues found at the crime scene with detectives and top senior investigating officers on hand to offer their expertise.

Reality Titbit can reveal all of the cast taking part…

What is Murder Island about?

Murder Island combines crime with drama and fierce competition as a body has been discovered and a murder investigation has been launched…

Eight members of the public split in teams of two are tasked with solving the murder of Charly Hendricks who has been found stabbed to death on the floor of her rented house on a remote island in Scotland.

But, the plot has been written by one of Britain’s most successful crime writers, Ian Rankin so all is not as it seems.

Four teams of amateur detectives arrive on Murder Island greeted by senior investigating officers, and they all travel to the crime scene, the Manse, where the body of Hendricks was discovered earlier that day.

With just one week to crack the case, the successful team will stand to win a massive £50,000 reward and walk away as the first winners of Murder Island.

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Who are the Murder Island police experts?

The show features experts, Parm Sandhu, Simon Harding and Graham McMillan and the trio will watch over the contestants as they try and solve the murder case.

Parm Sandhu is a former Chief Superintendent at the Metropolitan Police, as well as an author and broadcaster who will be playing the role of Senior Investigating Officer.

Sandhu will be assisted by her deputies, former Detective Chief Inspector Simon Harding and Detective Sergeant Graham McMillan who currently works within the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Major Crime Unit.

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Who is the Murder Island cast?

Eight members of the public will be going head to head to reveal all of the details related to the murder and the identity of the murderer themselves.

Andrew and Nick

Firstly, Andrew and Nick are the overconfident duo as Andrew’s father and grandfather were both detectives.

He said: “Genetics would suggest it was in my blood.”

Caroline and Chrissie

The next dynamic duo is mature ladies, Caroline and Chrissie, and they are both banking on being the underdogs.

They draw comparisons between themselves and Miss Marple – suggesting that they should not be underestimated.

Richmond and Sarah

Next, Richmond and Sarah seem by far the best-equipped pair.

They are both unthreatening yet beady-eyed with Sarah having even studied Criminology.

Dot and Rox

Lastly is London party girls, Dot and Rox who could be considered the most fun.

Upon arrival, they excitedly squeal: “Wow, look at the cows!”

Tony, Jean, Hamish and the others are all actors, adding an interesting dynamic to the police interviews.

Shifty Alicia works for the developers and was actually the one who found the body. Lastly, Freddy, an incomer from Glasgow, has a suspicious-looking bandage on his wrist.



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