‘My 600-lb Life’ followed the journey of Samantha Mason in the latest episode (December 30). Following this, Samantha accused the show and Dr. Younan Nowzaradan of exploiting her. So, where is Samantha now?

Samantha’s story was unlike what viewers had seen on the show. Some were shocked to find out Samantha worked as a fetish model. On the show, Samantha admitted she worked as a fetish model as people paid her to eat. She admitted her job had made her eating habit worse. Despite this, she continued doing this as it made her feel beautiful.

Samantha (TLC)

What was Samantha’s story?

Samantha revealed she became addicted to eating as she used it as a coping mechanism. It all started when her parents got a divorce. Amid this, Samantha used eating as a way to feel good about herself. Things got out of hand as her weight began to increase.

Even though her father tried to control it, things only got worse. Her life changed when she became pregnant at 17. Samantha then moved in with her then-boyfriend. However, they split weeks after Samantha’s daughter was born. This led Samantha to eat more and rely on food completely. Her weight soon came close to 1000 lbs. Samantha eventually had a weight loss surgery and managed to get her weight down to 500lbs.

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Samantha (TLC)

Where is Samantha now?

Samantha managed to lose weight, but she alleges things were not as they seemed. A Reddit user shared a screenshot of Samantha’s status that hinted she did not have a pleasant experience on the show. “So I am pretty sure this is going to happen on the 31st. Most people I know don’t even watch the abomination that is this show, but if you do, and you happen to see me…that is, in fact, me.”

She continued, “Someday I’ll write an expose about what the show put me through, but until then, take what you may see with a grain of salt. I am 400lbs down and will NEVER watch “reality” the same again. It was a learning experience all around.

Samantha hinted she took matters in her hand and did not have any help from the show as she added, “I also want to say, I found my own surgeons and I have never been in the sae state as Dr. Nowzarden. I was exploited without even the help from the surgeon himself (which is fine- I like my surgeon a lot better.)

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