Pauline Potter’s weight loss journey was shared on TLC’s My 600-lb Life, and since the new season launched, fans have her on their minds.

Cameras revisited Pauline – who was once the Heaviest Woman Alive in the 2011 Guinness Book of World Records – on the November 10th episode.

Since then, the star has completely transformed herself by losing a whopping amount of weight since her first appearance.

We found Pauline on social media and can provide the latest updates on her weight loss journey. She’s almost unrecognisable!

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Who is Pauline Potter?

Pauline weighed in at 643 lbs, and relied on her son to take care of her. She admitted that her weight had been affecting how she wanted to live her life.

Feeling like she was “dying every day”, and eating being the highlight, she took a trip to see Dr. Now in his Houston-based office.

The then-51-year-old began filming with My 600-lb Life in 2014, and had suffered serious health problems as a result of her weight.

Dr. Now ordered Pauline to be hospitalized after discovering she was actually gaining weight under his care, with a peak weight of 678 pounds.

Pauline’s My 600-lb Life journey

Claiming Dr. Now was “overreacting a bit” and saying she needed to get settled in, Pauline was soon able to lose 44 lbs.

Dr. Now made the decision to approve her for gastric bypass surgery. However, she later gave up his program and went back to her usual habits.

But Pauline wasn’t yet ready to completely give up.

She later appeared on Where Are They Now? episodes, which showed she managed to lose 300 pounds, and qualified for skin removal surgery.

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Updates on Pauline Potter today

Pauline may have lost 300 pounds by 2019, but fans will be pleased to see she has successfully completed her weight loss journey two years later.

She announced in September that she has lost 530 lbs in total, marking the end of her mission to lose weight!

The TLC star came to Houston, Texas, from her original base in California for this journey. After seven years, she is getting ready to go back home.

Pauline launched a travel fundraiser to help her do exactly that, as “rents and other prices have tripled”. The page states £30 of £374 was raised.

She looks completely different, and has shared some recent pictures of a much slimmer physique and face.



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