Myles Barnett cheated on Courtney: How the drama unfolded - TOWIE

Episode six of The Only Way Essex brought confirmation that Myles Barnett cheated on ex-girlfriend Courtney Green.

However, the news didn’t cause a massive shock.

Courtney already knew…

Rumour Has It

Myles thought that the news he had cheated on Courtney was never going to surface.

Unfortunately, however, Chinese whispers is the official regional game of Essex.

Here’s Bobby Norris getting the party started with his first pass of the “Myles cheated on you” parcel.

The Guilty Party

Having successfully passed the gossip all the way down the M25 from Essex to Brighton, the next stage was to confront Miles about the info.

The girls needed no invitation to get their claws stuck in…

Chloe Meadows, Amber Turner and Chloe Lewis were left in shock as an extremely guilty looking Myles failed to deny the claims that he had cheated on Courtney three times.

This is the face of a man who knows he has f*cked it…

Screen Shot: MYLES – TOWIE, ITVbe

Myles completely failed to put the girls at ease, refusing to deny the claims and simply repeating the same sentence in an attempt to deflect the accusations.

We get it, you need to have a chat with Courtney…


Old News

Courtney escaped Brighton’s finest nightclub, Shooshh, for a classic ‘outside in the cold’ chat with her ex-boyfriend.

We’ve all been there.

However, the news that Myles had cheated failed to cause any fireworks.

Seemingly, Courtney already knew about the drama and had dealt with the situation almost a year ago.

This was simply a case of old news resurfacing.

Screen Shot: TOWIE, ITVbe

Screen Shot: TOWIE, ITVbe

Myles spewed yet another series of apologies, with some unlikely raw emotion prompting a tear to trickle down his cheek.

However, Courtz remained strong, telling her cheating former partner that it was all a bit JoJo – Too Little Too Late.

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