Myrka Cantu stars on the current series of Unexpected – here’s more about her, from age to social media profiles.

The current series of Unexpected features the pregnancy story of Myrka Cantu and her life as a young expecting mother.

The TLC programme focuses at teenage pregnancies as teen moms prepare to welcome their babies with the help of their partners and family members.

Myrka is one of the stars on Unexpected who got pregnant at high school. The TLC show documents her pregnancy journey, life with boyfriend Ethan Ybarra and relationship with her mother.

So, who is Myrka Cantu? Let’s find more about the reality star.

Myrka Cantu on Unexpected, TLC on YouTube

Who is Myrka Cantu? Age of TLC star

Myrka Cantu is 16 years old when she appears on Unexpected. She was born and raised in Texas and her family has Mexican roots, something that the reality star is very proud of.

She previously revealed that she would teach her daughter Spanish.

Before getting pregnant, Myrka was a cheerleader and played basketball at high school.

The Unexpected mom has often talked about her rocky relationship with her mother but Myrka is confident that they will work things out.

In a previous Q&A on her Instagram, Myrka got asked: “Do you and your mom still argue a lot?” to which she responded: “We definitely bump heads a lot but I still love her tons.”

Myrka Cantu’s boyfriend

Myrka’s boyfriend is Ethan Ybarra. He is 17 years old at the time of his appearance on the TLC series.

Ethan and his family have been very supportive of Myrka during her pregnancy after her mother kicked her out from the house.

He and Myrka have set up a YouTube channel where they plan to make videos based on their followers’ requests, as well as giveaways. The channel was created in 2018 but there are no videos yet.

You can also find Ethan on Instagram under the handle @ethan_ybarra25.

Myrka Cantu and Ethan Ybarra on Unexpected, TLC on YouTube

Myrka Cantu: Instagram

Myrka loves social media and she often takes to her Instagram to interact with her followers and fans of the TLC series.

One of the ways she interacts with her fans is by making Q&A on her Instagram Stories where she reveals more about herself and relationship with her family.

Myrka has also documented parts of her pregnancy journey and regularly shares posts with Ethan.

You can follow Myrka @myrkacantu.

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