Mystic Falls and The Bachelor Matt James' connection explored: Why Vampire Diaries fans are going crazy

The Bachelor is back with a new season, and Matt James has already stolen many hearts! However, what’s the connection between Mystic Falls, The Bachelor, and Matt James?

Matt James welcomed all the beautiful ladies to the resort as the new season of The Bachelor began. Needless to say, there were some hearts broken as Matt decided to leave a few girls out while handing out the rose. Despite this, fans of the Vampire Diaries have been going gaga and here’s why:

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Mystic Falls and The Bachelor Matt James’ connection:

‘The Vampire Diaries’ gained popularity due to the Salvatore brothers. Undoubtedly, whenever people heard the name “Mystic Falls,” they were reminded of the hit show. However, what connection does The Bachelor Matt James have with Mystic Falls?

It so happens that Matt stayed in a resort called ‘Mystic Falls’ while quarantining. Since all the cast members had to take precaution while filming amid COVID-19, Matt had to stay in a separate resort. Seeing the name ‘Mystic Falls,’ many fans could not control their emotions as they tried to poke fun of Matt being a Vampire like the Salvatore brothers. Sounds crazy, right?

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Twitter reacts to Matt James and Mystic Falls:

Vampire Diaries fans did not leave a chance to come up with their own theories. Here are some of the comments: “I’m sorry, but did that sign just say MYSTIC [email protected]????? Is Matt a vampire? Witch? Vampire hunter? I MUST KNOW,” wrote one.

“I’m screaming they really put Matt in a place called mystic falls??? next Chris Harrison will be telling me the final 3 girls are Elena, Bonnie and Caroline,” wrote another. “I’m sorry did Matt James just pull into Mystic Falls?? Where Damon at though,” read another comment.

“Mystic Falls…is Matt secretly a vampire??” wrote another. “Matt James in Mystic Falls? Guess we know who is stepping out of that limo.,” another comment read.

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