Nailed It! Holiday! is a totally extra baking programme which airs on Netflix.

The streaming service kicked off its first-ever series of Nailed It! in 2018 and it’s clearly been a hit ever since. Three seasons of Nailed It! have aired so far, as well as two festive spin-off shows.

Nailed It! Holiday! is everything you’d imagine – the same Nailed It! format just with a lot of Christmas cheer.

The holiday series has been a hit in 2019 with some hilarious guest judges in tow including Maya Rudolph.

So, is Nailed It! Holiday! season 3 on the cards? Let’s take a look…

Nailed It Holiday season 3

Screenshot: Nailed It Holiday season 3 – Netflix

Will there be a Nailed It! Holiday! season 3?

It’s not currently been confirmed whether Nailed It! Holiday! will provide us with a third season. With Nailed It! Holiday! season 2 airing from November 22nd 2019 it may be too early to speculate on season 3.


However, if viewer feedback is anything to go off of, season 3 could definitely be on the cards,

Tonnes of Nailed It! Holiday! fans took to Twitter following its arrival on Netflix in November 2019 and have been non-stop praising the show.

One Twitter user wrote:

1st day of December begins with watching season 2 of Nailed It! Holiday!. Nothing like Christmas treats to kick off the season.

Another said: “Nailed It! Holiday! is my new favorite holiday show!”

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Who are the Nailed It! Holiday! presenters?

Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres are the presenting duo on Nailed It!.

Nicole is an American actress and comedian most recognised for her role on Nailed It! but she also had her own comedy series Loosely Exactly Nicole as well as many more acting roles and her own podcast.

Jacques Torres is a French chocolatier and pastry chef. Jacques has chocolate shops all over the USA and has two children with his wife, Hasty.