Fans of Naked Attraction were left vying for a date with rapper Leon from Burnley.

Episode 3 of the brand new series (Wednesday, 4th September) saw Pablo and Leon line-up next to presenter Anna Richardson to gaup at some naked bodies.

However, it was Leon who stole the show with audiences flooding to Twitter to comment on his flawless physique as the final naked reveal took place.

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Screenshot: Naked Attraction 2019 Leon
Screenshot: Naked Attraction 2019 Leon and Monika

Who is Leon?

Leon Akbar is a 27-year-old rapper. His biggest claim to fame was performing on stage with Tinchy Stryder in 2017.

He confessed to strings of “high maintenance” relationships and was desperate to meet someone on the same level, as he tended to attract the “wrong type of women” due to his tattooed and bad-boy rapper image.

Of course, few ghetto rappers hail from Burnley… but that’s not the point.

Leon is on Instagram under @meleaon_91, where he has just over 1,000 followers. According to his Insta, he has a son.

Leon on Naked Attraction

Leon dived straight into his analysis of the naked bottom-halves stood like mannequins in front of him, commenting on everything from tattoos to leg shape and, of course, the desire to find a v*gina with “a bit of character”.

Audiences started to fan themselves down as Leon confessed to a huge tongue, which had certain uses.

Eventually, Leon was drawn to Monika and Sarah, who were both very different. Sarah was tattooed with pierced nipples while Monica was very tanned and slender.

The 27-year-old eventually picked Monika where they both agreed to seeing each other again following a successful first date.

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Screenshot: Naked Attraction 2019 Leon
Screenshot: Naked Attraction 2019 Leon

Fans want a slice of Leon!

However, despite the set of ladies getting their kit off in the pods, it was Leon’s naked reveal that had fans purring on social media.

Leon strutted into the studio without his clothes sporting the type of minimal body fat that you’d associate with a swimwear model. With a rose tattoo on his shoulder and another across his clavicle, he was ticking a lot of boxes on Twitter.

Lisa tweeted: Leon from Naked Attraction if your date ends up sh*t, I am here, sir.

Anna added: Send Leon my way!

Screenshot: Naked Attraction 2019 Leon
Screenshot: Naked Attraction 2019 Leon

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