Ahead of a fresh run of Naked Attraction starting tonight (Tuesday, January 22nd) we spoke to a former contestant to find out what really goes on behind closed doors.

Richard Clements is no stranger to the audition scene.

One of three vocalists in all-singing group The Boyz, Rich and the gang had a memorable year in 2017 where they almost made it through to the Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals.

However, warming up backstage with a bottle of water and a packet of blackcurrant throat lozenges isn’t exactly how it goes down in Naked Attraction.

When Richard went on to appear in last year’s Naked Attraction season 3, he had to get totally naked in a totally awkward hotel audition.

Here’s everything we know about Channel 4 series Naked Attraction thanks to Richard’s experience!

Richard, tell us about a Naked Attraction audition… how do you get on the show?

“Well, first off you need to apply by the form (you can do that here).

Then – what happened to me – I got asked to meet with the producers in Newcastle, cus’ I’m from Darlington.

As far as auditions go, it was pretty different. You’re shown pictures of different naked bodies and asked what you do and don’t like, and then at the end, they literally asked me to get naked!

I was asked to sing and dance and you’ve basically got to prove that you’re confident and comfortable.

It was always going to be a bit awkward with three producers sat there and me stood butt naked!”

That’s mad! We’re glad the same thing didn’t happen when interviewing for this job at reality titbit. Tell us about the show, were you a picker or in the pod things?

“I was the picker for the episode (series 3, episode 4).

In fact, it was the first gay episode of that series, which I’m proud to be part of.

It’s definitely easier to go on there as a picker because you feel like you are in control.

There are no nerves thinking ‘OMG what if he doesn’t pick me’, so it feels more comfortable to be naked.”


So the ending sees you completely naked, hand-in-hand with the guy you’ve picked. What next? Do rush backstage to put on some clothes?

“Pretty much.

Once you’re ushered off stage you can put on your clothes and get back to normal. The date happens pretty much immediately, too.

I had my date the very next day, with the Naked Attraction team choosing the location. You get about £50 each to spend on the date so it’s all good fun.”

And do you get paid to go on the show?


I heard that people who are on standby get paid £75. But that’s the people who are the backup option in case anyone pulls out.”

Richard is part of all-male singing group The Boyz.

You can follow them on Facebook here, or join Rich on Instagram here.


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