Everything you need to know about Narcos: Mexico's main man - Diego Luna!

Narcos is back with a brand new spin-off series as of November 16th 2018.

Narcos: Mexico is now available to watch on Netflix.

At the centre of all the blood-shed, crime and business deals is the “boss of bosses”, Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, played by Diego Luna.

Here’s everything you need to know about Diego Luna and his drug Kingpin character…

Screen Shot: Narcos: Mexico – Netflix

Who is Diego Luna?

Diego Luna is a 38-year-old Mexican actor, film producer and director.

He owns the Mexican film production company Canana films.

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Diego appeared in Star Wars Rogue One in 2016 as Cassian Andor.

He has two children with singer, actress and model Camila Sodi – a son, Jeronimo, 10 and a daughter named Fiona, 8 – however, the pair split in 2013 after a five-year marriage.

Who Does Diego Play in Narcos: Mexico?

Narcos: Mexico opens the series in Sinaloa also known as the birthplace of “Mexican dope smuggling”.

We first see Felix – a nice family man and local policeman – arrive at a church to arrest Rafa. However, all is not as it seems and it turns out that Rafa and Felix are on the same side.

Following ‘Operation Condor’ (the government invaded Sinaloa to eradicate the drug trade), Felix and Rafa, along with Felix’s family make it out of Sinaloa and begin growing Rafa’s Sensimilla (seedless Marijuana) in Guadalajara.

As the series unfolds Felix grows more attached to his dream of building an empire and you see some character changes along the way.

Screen Shot: Narcos: Mexico – Netflix

Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo in Real Life

Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo was also known as ‘El Padrino’ (The Godfather).

Born in Sinaloa January 8th, 1946, Felix was arrested 1989, four years after his close associate Rafael Caro Quintero.

Today he is 72 years old and remains incarcerated for drug trafficking and murder.




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