Narcos: Mexico - WHO is Isabella Bautista? Everything you need to know!

Narcos returned with a brand new series as of November 16th 2018.

The Narcos: Mexico spin-off is now available to watch via Netflix.

Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo is at the centre of all the blood-shed, crime and business deals but he does seem to have a right-hand woman – Isabella Bautista – who assisted him greatly in the construction of his drug empire.

Curious as to whether Isabella was a real person? Here’s everything you need to know about Isabella, from her character to the actress who plays her…

Screen Shot: Narcos Mexico Isabella Bautista – Netflix

Who is Isabella Bautista?

Isabella is a business partner and longtime friend of Mexican drug kingpin Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo.

We’re first introduced to Isabella when she puts Miguel in contact with her friend, Alberto Sicilia Falcon.

As the series goes on Isabella grows more and more frustrated as Miguel somewhat fails to recognise her importance, Felix often undermines her and excludes her from important business meetings.

Screen Shot: Narcos Mexico Isabella – Netflix

Who Plays Isabella in Narcos: Mexico?

The character of Isabella Bautista is played by Mexican actress Teresa Ruiz.

She was born on December 21st, 1988 making her 29 years old.

Teresa was born in Santiago Matatlan, Oaxaca, Mexico but grew up in Los Angeles, California.

The Narcos: Mexico actress has had a successful career in theatre, film and television and has won several Best Actress awards internationally.


The stunning brunette has 132,000 followers on Instagram – @_teresaru.

Screen Shot: Narcos Mexico Isabella – Netflix

Who is Isabella in Narcos in Real Life?

In an interview with Forbes, Teresa Ruiz said of her character: “She’s based on a woman who lived in the 80’s and had a big participation introducing cocaine into the drug business. She’s been nicknamed many things, mainly ‘The Queen’ and mostly I was interested in the character.”

Although the Narcos: Mexico character of Isabella is fictional, she could have been inspired by a female drug cartel leader who was prominent in the 80’s named Sandra Ávila Beltrán.

According to, Beltrán was known as “La Reina del Pacifico” (The Queen of the Pacific).

Sandra Ávila Beltrán served time in prison for money laundering and possession of illegal firearms and was released in 2015. According to The Guardian, she now lives in Guadalajara.

Screen Shot: Narcos Mexico season 4 – Netflix



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