Everything you NEED to know about Rafa - Narcos: Mexico!

Narcos is back with a brand new season as of November 16th 2018.

The long-awaited nail-biting series is now available on Netflix and this time the show is set in Mexico.

At the centre of all the blood-shed, crime and business deals is the “boss of bosses”, Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo and his two closest business partners, Rafa and Don Neto.

Here’s everything you need to know about Narcos: Mexico’s Rafael Caro Quintero…

Screen Shot Narcos: Mexico S1 E1

Who is Rafa in Narcos: Mexico?

Narcos: Mexico season 1 episode 1 starts in Sinaloa – the birthplace of “Mexican dope smuggling”.

We first see Rafa on the back of a motorbike meandering up the mountainous roads of Sinaloa.


Next thing you know Rafa is on the run as the Mexican government carry out Operation Condor and invade Sinaloa to eradicate the drug trade.

However, Felix and Rafa, along with Felix’s family make it out of Sinaloa and begin growing Rafa’s Sensimilla (seedless Marijuana) in Guadalajara.

Screen Shot: Narcos: Mexico season 1

Rafa is essentially the farmer who came up with seedless marijuana, whereas Felix – who’s on a mission to build an empire – is in charge.

Rafael Caro Quintero in Real Life

Wondering who the character of Rafa based on?

Well, Rafael Caro Quintero is one of the Mexican drug kingpins still alive today.

Quintero was arrested in Costa Rica on April 4th, 1985.

However, he was released from prison on August 9th, 2013, on a “controversial technicality” – apparently he should have been tried in state court rather than federal.

He’s now 66 years old and according to Time Magazine is wanted by the US government for $20m.

Who is Tenoch Huerta?

Rafa Caro Quintero is played by Mexican actor, Tenoch Huerta.

He was born in Mexico City on January 29th, 1981.

Tenoch has appeared in over 20 films in Latin America and Spain.

He also won Best Actor at the Short Short Film Festival in Mexico City, for his performance in Alonso Ruiz Palacio’s 2008 film “Café paraíso”.




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