Netflix: Is Busted! real? Korean detective show features murder, escape rooms and missing people!

Is Busted! on Netflix real? That’s what fans of the Korean detective show are wondering in 2021.

Following its launch in 2018, Busted! is onto its third season in 2021. The Netflix Original series features an all-Korean cast and gives viewers a comedic spin on some quite dark topics. Murder, missing people, escape rooms and illegal gambling dens all feature in the show.

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Is Netflix series Busted! real?

As with most reality TV shows, there is a lot of scripting that goes into the creation of Busted!.

Each Busted! episode sees the “bumbling detectives” uncover and solve all kinds of crimes. From petty crimes such as stealing housemates food to full-blown hostage situations, the storylines are pretty complex.

For the cast to film each series without scripting would be near-on impossible. According to IndieWire, the show “straddles the scripted/unscripted line”.

Reddit user Lurinzoo also gave viewers an analogy that Busted! has a very similar concept to a video game – the outcome is very much decided but how the player gets to the end has multiple options.

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Netflix: What is the Busted! theme song?

Unfortunately, it’s currently unconfirmed what the name of the Busted! introductory theme song is.

The Netflix series kicks off with an instrumental theme song, however, as explained by Reddit user EasyCheesyFondueee, “the difficult thing with Korean shows on Netflix is that they often change the songs to non-copyright songs.”

The ending or credits theme tune for Busted! is called “OST – Busted”. The song can be found online, and although the artist doesn’t seem to be named, listeners have suggested that Sehun, Zelo and Dynamic duo sing it.

Will Busted! return for season 4?

Much to fans’ delight, Busted! season 3 dropped on Netflix on January 22nd 2021 after filming started in April.

It has been confirmed that season 3 is the third and final series of the show. Busted! won’t be renewing for a fourth season, although there are possibilities of a spin-off series in the future.

As reported by The Korea Times, comedian Yoo Jae-suk said: “How Lee Seung-gi’s role will play out and how the last season will end will be the highlight.”

All three seasons of Busted! are available to watch via Netflix now.

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