Florent Bonadei is one of the cast mates on new Netflix series Bling Empire.

For anyone ready to immerse themselves in the crazy, lavish lifestyles of Los Angeles’ wealthiest people, then look no further than this Netflix show. Introduced through his best friend Anna Shay, Florent appears on Bling Empire during episode 1.

Mainly focused around rich Asian and Asian-Americans living in LA, Bling Empire gives us drama, glamour and extravagance as well as look at their jaw-droppingly lavish wardrobes and homes.

Not only that, but Bling Empire brings reality TV lovers something different as there are many story-lines of substance and tear-jerk-worthy moments.

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Screenshot: Florent Bling Empire – Netflix

Who is Florent Bonadei?

Florent Bonadei is a Boucheron client executive, he works for Boucheron, a fine jewellery brand, and deals with their customers as his job.

He’s now made his way into the reality TV world on Bling Empire, so who knows which direction his career could go in?

By the looks of things, Florent does his best to keep his bestie, Anna, in the know – as explained in Oprah Mag, he had to explain influencer culture to her.

Anyone who’s seen Bling Empire will know, Anna is not into all of that. She chooses to judge people based on who they are rather than what they can buy – or be sponsored to wear!

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Florent and Kane Lim

At the end of Bling Empire season 1, Kane Lim can be seen asking Florent if he has iMessage and adding that he’s “single and ready to mingle” which could suggest to viewers that the pair were interested in one another on a romantic level.

Kane also says in a confessional that his co-star, Cherie, inspired him to “live his life as he wants to” and “break traditions”.

But, as reported by The Cinemaholic, although Florent and Kane both follow each other on social media, there’s no sign of them being in a relationship.

Meet Florent on Instagram

Florent has been on Instagram since 2012. He has almost 3,500 followers on Instagram. And that number is surely set to skyrocket now that he’s starring in the new Netflix series.

Follow Florent on IG via the handle @florentbonadei. The Netflix star can often be seen taking to social media posting handsome selfies, holiday pics as well as many fabulous photos with his best friend, Anna Shay.

He hails from France, however, it looks like the Paris native has travelled the world over. The Caribbean, St Barths and Beverly Hills are just some of the places Florent has tagged himself on IG!

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