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Netflix: Meet the Singapore Social cast on Instagram: Vinny to Tabitha!

Singapore Social is a brand new series to Netflix in 2019.

The show kicked off on Friday, November 22nd releasing all eight episodes of series 1 at once.

Imagine Made in Chelsea but transported to Singapore, and you’ve almost got Singapore Social.

The show follows a group of young socialites living in Singapore including pop stars, entrepreneurs, models, burlesque stars and more.

So, let’s meet the Singapore Social Netflix cast on Instagram.

Screenshot: Singapore Social episode 1 Sukki – Netflix

Singapore Social Netflix cast: Mae

Mae is the fashionista of the Singapore Social group.

P-Valley | Season 2 Official Trailer | STARZ

From the looks of her Instagram page, Mae is a model. She can be seen posing on the front of her first magazine cover in 2019 on Insta.

Mae is on Insta as @marxmae with over 84,000 followers.

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Meet Tabitha Nauser

Singapore Social’s singing sensation comes in the form of Tabitha Nauser.

The pop star is described during the show as “the Beyonce of Singapore”.

Follow Tabitha on Insta where she has over 50,000 followers @tabithanauser.

Singapore Social: Nicole Ong

Introducing herself as someone who pretty much crushes it every day at work.

Nicole is all for empowering women in business and held an event for SoGal during Singapore Social.

The hard worker had to deal with her mum constantly being disappointed during the show and opened up to Sukki Singapora.

You can follow Nicole on Instagram @niqohlvictoria.

Screenshot: Singapore Social episode 1 Mae – Netflix

Paul Foster

Paul is one of the main guys featured on Singapore Social.

He was 38 years old during the show and opened up about wanting to settle down pretty soon.

Paul was all set to move in with his girlfriend, Joey, during series 1, and by the looks of his Instagram, they’re still together today. Follow Paul @paulfosterrr.

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Sukki Singapora

Sukki Singapora is Singapore’s first burlesque dancer. Absolutely smashing life and paving the way for more Singaporeans and women all over the world, Sukki is certainly a standout character of the show.

Find Sukki on Instagram where she has over 200,000 followers – @sukkisingapora.

During the show, Sukki was dating her LA-based boyfriend Tim, however, it’s unconfirmed whether they’ree still together.

Singapore Social cast: Vinny Sharp

The second male character on the show is Vinny Sharp.

Vinny was in the spotlight a lot during the first series of Singapore Social, mainly following the storyline of his relationship with Cristina.

He and Cristina weren’t an official couple, but clearly had a lot of love for each other. And it seemed that some of the other castmates had an issue with them not making things official.

In a very sad turn, episode 1 of Singapore Social ended with a tribute to Vinny’s late mother, Dr Sherina Anil Nagrani.

Meet Nora Chompunich

Nora is another character in Singapore Social. She’s introduced as Nicole Ong’s best friend.

She mainly works as an MC and states that she loves her job during the show.  Follow Nora on Insta @norachomp.

Nora gets caught in the middle of Nicole’s drama during the series as she doesn’t think Nicole’s boyfriend is the best match. But the besties manage to patch things up in the end.




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