Malaysian stand-up comedian Dr Jason Leong hasn’t stopped growing, propelling onto new heights since winning the 7th International Hong Kong Comedy Competition in 2013. He was the first Malaysian to do so.

He recently released a comedy special titled #HashtagBlessed on Netflix, which he compares to COVID-19 in a hilarious way:

“Like COVID-19, it is a global release and available in 190 countries. It is very infectious”.

Screenshot of Youtube Video 'Dr Jason Leong : Hashtag Blessed Netflix Trailer' (
Screenshot of Youtube Video ‘Dr Jason Leong: Hashtag Blessed Netflix Trailer’ (

Who is Dr Jason Leong?

Dr Jason Leong is a stand-up comedian who was a doctor for five years before switching to comedy, and he has also appeared in Comedy Central’s ‘Stand Up Asia’ season 2 and 3 as well as being the first Malaysian to perform at Hollywood’s Laugh Factory and New York’s Gotham Comedy Club.

Get to know Jason Leong’s wife

Since the global pandemic hit, the stand-up comedian has also been releasing a series called ‘Stay At Home with Dr Jason Leong’ on Facebook with Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore.

Here, he talks about aspects of his personal wife such as his new role as a father and his interracial marriage to his wife Komella.

Komella Prakasam, Jason’s Wife, is of Indian descent, and the comedian recently explored what it means to be in an interracial Chinese and Indian marriage in one of his episodes:

“Being in an interracial marriage gives you an insight where you participate in another culture as you get to know it”

The couple started dating in 2006 and have now been married for nine years and have a baby daughter called Aria.

While Dr Jason Leong describes how the couple didn’t really encounter any issues with being together and describes his in-laws as “the best in-laws in the world”; he also explains how in Malaysia, racism is still a huge problem.

“Some Chinese landlords won’t rent to Indian tenants, or example,” the stand-up comedian explains.

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