Viewers are introduced to the character of Wendy James in new Netflix documentary Strip Down, Rise Up. Let’s find out more about Wendy, who is she and where is she now?

Strip Down, Rise Up documents the self-empowerment journeys of a group of women and the impact that pole dancing has had on their lives.

From embracing sexuality to regaining self-confidence and overcoming past trauma, the Netflix documentary shows off the reality of what it is to be a pole dancer and the benefits of the practice.

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Screenshot: Strip Down, Rise Up – Netflix

Strip Down, Rise Up: Amy Bond

Netflix documentary Strip Down, Rise Up sees viewers introduced to pole competitor and pole dance teacher, Amy Bond.

While she competes in pole dance, Amy also practices family law, she said she’s generally known in the pole dance world as a “trickster”.

Amy is the oldest of seven children and was raised in the Mormon church. Speaking of her upbringing, she said: “You pretend your sexuality doesn’t exist.”

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Strip Down, Rise Up - Netflix
Strip Down, Rise Up – Netflix

Wendy James Strip Down, Rise Up

As the Netflix documentary takes viewers to San Francisco, Amy explains how she ended up getting into the pole dance industry.

At 19 years old she ran away from home and moved to LA. She wanted to be an actress. Amy said: “I couldn’t act or sing. I had a lot of confidence”

Lack of funds led her to nude modelling and then nude modelling led to working in the porn industry under the name “Wendy James”.

Amy said that she lived a “double life” for a long time. She said: “I was desperate enough and I also didn’t want to admit to the people I loved that I was failing.”

After six months, Amy got out of the porn industry and began waitressing. Although she received hatred and abuse for her time in the industry, she was able to leave Wendy in the past and move on with another career.

Meet Amy on Instagram

Today, Amy Bond is on Instagram with over 6,500 followers, find her under the handle @amysunshine007. The pole competitor often takes to IG to share her tips and tricks of the sport.

She’s the founder of San Francisco Pole and Dance, Oakley Pole and Dance and Berkeley Pole and Dance.

Amy is married and her husband, Keith, features in the Netflix series. Her husband said of men who don’t support their wives or girlfriends who pole dance: “I think those girls should dump those guys”.

amber strip down rise up
Strip Down, Rise Up – Netflix



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