Netflix is bringing out brand new series in 2019 like there’s no tomorrow. The streaming service is famous for its array of viewing titles including Last Chance U and Queer Eye and now it looks like another series is on the popularity rise.

Basketball or Nothing follows a basketball team who live in Chinle, Arizona. With little else to do other than play basketball for their high school, the boys on the team put their life and soul into the game.

Many of the team members are required to get athletic scholarships in order to make it to college and so the pressure really is on to do well for the Chinle Wildcats.

The show takes a raw look at the struggle of the basketball team as none of them have particularly had it easy. So, let’s meet one of the team, Basketball or Nothing’s Josiah Tsosie.
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Who is Josiah Tsosie?

Josiah is one of the cast in Netflix’s new series Basketball or Nothing. As well as being a skilled basketball player he’s also a track and field athlete.

We’re introduced to the senior school student during episode 1. His mum and family also feature on the show. She said: “Some coaches tell him that he’s too short but then he determines. He says I’m going to prove you wrong. And he does. I’m so proud of my son.”

Josiah, who won’t let his height of 5 ft 4 stop him, said during episode 2: “I want to go to college and get my major in electrical engineering to support my family because they’ve done a lot for me”.
Screen Shot: Basketball Or Nothing Josiah Tsosie – Netflix

Josiah’s struggle on Basketball or Nothing

During episode 1 of the Netflix series, Josiah opened up about how he had a difficult childhood.

His father left the family when he was young leaving Josiah, his mum and younger sister in Chinle.

Josiah recounted a time when the family had to visit relatives to have a shower as they didn’t have any running water at home and times of his father being intoxicated.

Both Josiah and his sister broke down in tears. He said he wants to make sure his sister grows up to be the best person she can be.
Screen Shot: Basketball Or Nothing Josiah Tsosie – Netflix

Basketball Or Nothing: Josiah’s Instagram

Josiah is on Instagram with around 600 followers but his account is private (@josiahtsosie) he does include in his Insta bio the name ‘Melanie’ followed by the heart eyes and heart emoji so it looks like Josiah’s officially off the market.

Unfortunately, we can’t see what Josiah is up to today but by the end of the series he graduated high school and was off to Arizona State University.

It looks like the only member of the basketball team on Insta with an open account is Chance Harvey.
Screen Shot: Basketball Or Nothing Josiah Tsosie – Netflix



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