New Love Island 2020 robes explained - and how to buy your own!

If you’re sick and tired of watching the cast of Love Island strut around topless with their perfect abs and immaculately crafted breasts then ITV have the answer for you.

In fact, they’ve found a way to slap name tags on everyone and increase their merchandise sales at the same time. Handy, that.

Still, the 2020 Love Island series will introduce hot pink robes to the gang as each cast member receives their own personalised dressing gown to wear around the villa.

Here’s everything you need to know about the robes and how you can purchase one yourself – with your name slapped on it, too!

Screenshot: Official Love Island robe

What are the new Love Island robes?

Previously, the closest thing to a robe on Love Island was that god-awful kimono that Chris Taylor wore around the villa before bedtime in season 5.

This thing…

Screen Shot: Love Island series 5 episode 38 – ITV2

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While we’re 99.9% sure ITV producers have not been inspired by Chris’s nightwear, they have decided to dish out bedroom robes and dressing gowns for the guys and girls to use.

Whether it’s while the girls powder their noses in the make-up room or while the guys attempt to show-off making breakfast, the bright pink robes are now very much a staple part of Love Island culture. But why?

Although ITV have not addressed the new clothing policy with an official statement, it looks as if the move provides an easy way to help identify and name-tag each cast member.

In particular, the 2020 series welcomes the world to the first-ever Love Island twins, Jess and Eve Gale.

In fact, these girls are identical twins. To save the tricky business of separating your Jessica from Eve, the robes should definitely come in handy.

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Screenshot: Meet The Islanders | Love Island 2020 YouTube – (L-R) Jess and Eve

How to buy your own Love Island dressing gown

The elegant silk number is available from the official Love Island store, where you can buy clothes, sunglasses, personalised water bottles and practically everything else from the show.

Simply head to the merchandise store here, where you can purchase the robe for £20 before postage. The robe is made from pink satin with 3/4 sleeves and a satin tie waist.

The price comes with the option to personalise your robe with a name, either your own or the name of the person receiving the gift.

Or, better yet, perhaps you’re called Louise…

Screenshot: Official Love Island robe

Where is Love Island 2020 filmed?

For those thinking perhaps the Love Island cast are in robes cus’ it’s a bit chilly outside… don’t be so stupid.

Although dubbed Winter Love Island, the temperature around the villa will be between 25º-30º in the day and just under 20º at night.

This is because season 6 is filmed in South Africa. As it is winter in Europe, the normal filming location of Mallorca has been changed as it fails to get any hotter than 15º usual filming spot.

And no-one wants to see a bunch of models in full clothes, shivering next to a fire and moaning about the rain.




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