Get to know The Circle's Nick Uhlenhuth on Instagram
Screenshot: The Circle USA season 3 - Netflix

Get to know The Circle's Nick Uhlenhuth on Instagram

The Circle USA returns for a brand new season in 2021. Blue and Orange Michelle, Ashley, Ava and Chanel, Kai, Calvin and the rest of the players are ready to do whatever it takes to win The Circle.

Cosied up in their flats in Manchester, UK, The Circle contestants got well-acquainted (or, so they thought they did) on September 8th. More episodes of the show are set to drop on Netflix on Wednesdays until September 29th.

One of the contestants who has entered The Circle as himself is Nick Uhlenhuth. So, let’s find out more about Nick by exploring his Instagram, age, hometown and much more.

Screenshot: The Circle USA season 3 – Netflix

Who is Nick from The Circle?

Waltzing into The Circle USA season 3, Nick checked himself out in the mirror and said: “Look at that guy, though, woah! We can work with that.

Nick is 27 years old and has a computer science degree from MIT. Because of his education and career, according to Nick, “the ladies are like ‘OMG nick talk nerdy to me‘”.

His Circle profile isn’t 100% himself, Nick revealed that he’s ‘de-nerding’ himself on the Netflix show and poses as a drummer who’s looking for “a good time and laughs“.

While his profile looks pretty convincing and there’s actually a lot of truth to it, Nick didn’t have Chanel convinced that he’s a real drummer because of his lack of tattoos!

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Meet Nick Uhlenhuth on Instagram

Texan Nick can be found on Instagram @nickuhlenhuth with over 2.6k followers.

Nick first took to IG in 2014 but he’s only posted 38 photos. Some of Nick’s posts are pretty predictable such as his snaps with his French Bulldog, Bruce, (Nick describes him as ‘the ultimate wingman’).

However, he’s also pulling some surprises out the bag on IG including covers of Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road, snowboarding pics and snippets of him playing the drums.

The Circle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

The Circle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

Nick’s ‘big tech company’ career explored

Based in Austin, Texas, Nick is a Senior Product Manager at F45 Training as per his LinkedIn page.

Previous to his current role, Nick worked for tech giant Microsoft for five years.

Education-wise, Nick studied at Massachusets Institute of Technology for four years and on the side, he’s also worked as a Lacrosse Coach and a Drum Teacher.

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