Nigel Slater is beloved by the nation for his writing, cookery and his fantastic TV programmes exploring the former two.

And one of his stand-out series is undoubtedly Nigel Slater’s Middle East.

So when Nigel journeys to Lebanon to explore the Levantine cuisine and the cooks who keep up the traditions and flavours of their cookery, we were totally jealous.

Here are some of the best places Nigel visits on the show and the best recipes he created during the trip…

Screenshot: Nigel Slater’s Middle East – Lebanon

Cafe Al Soussi

Al Soussi is the cafe that Nigel visits to break fast after Ramadan in the country’s capital, Beirut.

It has been voted as one of the ‘Best Breakfast’s in the World‘ and has been owned and operated by the same family since 1890!

The cafe is still up and running, so you can still visit it if your mouth was left watering after Nigel’s visit on the show.

Hanna Mitri

This ice cream shop is legendary among the locals, not just for its ice cream, but the history!

The shop remained open all throughout the Lebanese Civil War – despite bombings – which lasted from 1975 to 1990.

And Nigel can’t quite believe all the perfumed flavours captured in the dessert, such as rose water, pistachio and other delicious delights. No wonder Forbes voted it one of the best ice creameries in the world!



Kallaj was the delicious deep-fried cream treat Nigel ate at the end of Ramadan.

These desserts are only available during Eid and Nigel stopped with his guide to give them a try.

Although the exact location of where they stopped to give them a try is unknown, we’re sure if you visited Beirut during this period you’d be able to find Kallaj everywhere!

Screenshot: Nigel Slater’s Middle East – Lebanon

Tawlet Ammiq

Tawlet Ammiq is the restaurant Nigel visits in the hills of the Bekaa Valley.

This stunning location is not the only thing that drew him to visit, but the amazing food.

Check out more about the eco-restaurant that promotes the goodness of home cooking and the traditions of Lebanon, here.

Screenshot: Nigel Slater’s Middle East – Lebanon

Nigel Slater’s Lebanese recipes

Nigel definitely picked up some serious inspiration during his trip.

After eating all these sweet Lebanese treats, Nigel created his own version of a rice pudding. Check out the recipe for it here.

Also featured in the episode was fattoush with olive flatbread and za’atar chicken.




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