Married At First Sight USA is back for a fourteenth season in 2022. The Lifetime show kicked off its first episode on January 5th and airs each Wednesday at 8/7c. There may be such a thing as ‘love at first sight’ but whether the couples on MAFS make their relationships last is a whole other ball game.

Season 14 sees five new couples brace themselves for a life-changing experience. They’re all from Boston and they all want to get matched with ‘the one’. So, let’s find out more about Noi and Steve from Married At First Sight.

Married at First Sight | New Season Wednesday 7/21 at 8/7c | Lifetime

Married at First Sight | New Season Wednesday 7/21 at 8/7c | Lifetime

Get to know Noi Phommasak and Steve Moy

Noi Phommasak and Steve Moy are one of the five couples taking part in the experiment that is Married At First Sight.

Noi is 33 years old and she’s looking for a man who can show his emotional side. Noi was born in a refugee camp in Laos. She said that it was a “fairytale moment” trying on her wedding dress as she never thought that day would come.

The 33-year-old is marrying 38-year-old Steve on MAFS who is currently unemployed but is ready to build a future with someone.

MAFS: Is Noi Phommasak on Instagram?

No, it doesn’t appear that Noi can be found on Instagram.

Although she doesn’t seem to have IG, Noi is on Facebook and LinkedIn. She’s a Talent Acquisition Coordinator who moved from Minnesota to Boston as per her social media pages.

Noi describes herself as a hopeless romantic on MAFS: “I have been ready for love and marriage since I was a little girl“.

Noi looks to be a fan favourite with MAFS viewers on Twitter. It seems that viewers are totally here for Noi and Steve’s relationship. One person wrote: “Steve and Noi better work because they’re making us like them already“.

noi and steve married at first sight
Screenshot: Noi and Steve Married At First Sight – Lifetime

Is MAFS’ Steve Moy on IG?

Steve Moy doesn’t appear to be on social media.

He describes himself on MAFS as a “very adventurous person” and explained that he had just got back from a four-month road trip. Following that adventure, Steve then decided to take a leap of faith and get married at first sight.

Speaking of why he’s chosen to go on MAFS, Steve said that both his grandparents and an aunt and uncle had arranged marriages. It worked for them, so he said “why wouldn’t it work for me?“.

The 38-year-old wants to build a family and comes from a tight family himself. So, it looks like the experts may have found a great match with Noi and Steve both wanting the same things.



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