90 Day Fiance: The Other Way fans were thoroughly entertained by Mahmoud and Nicole’s friend Nouran’s recent meeting on the show.

The TLC show’s fans are deeply invested in Nicole and Mahmoud’s relationship this season. The pair got married merely three weeks after meeting each other. However, married life has been far from easy for the two.

The Californian beauty has had a hard time adjusting to her Egyptian husband’s religious beliefs among other challenges.

Moreover, Mahmoud insists on meeting anyone Nicole befriends in Egypt. To fulfill his wish Nicole introduces him to her new friend Nouran in a recent episode of 90 Day Fiance. However, the meeting was less than ideal and left both Mahmoud and Nouran feeling bitter.

Nouran and Mahmoud get into an argument on 90 Day Fiance

Nicole met her friend Nouran in a meditation class. She soon introduced her to Mahmoud over a lunch date.

Right off the bat, Nouran expresses how she was weirded out by Mahmoud’s insistence on meeting her. Mahmoud replies to this by saying that Egyptian men like to know about everything their wives do.

Nouran refutes saying Nicole is “adult enough” to know how to judge people, to which Mahmoud says that his Californian wife has never hung out with anyone in Egypt before him.

Mahmoud is also ticked off when Nicole tries to calm him.

The pair also argues about Nicole potentially attending a co-ed yoga class where there’d be male learners too. “I am not going to feel comfortable if she stretches around men,” Mahmoud says.

Nouran debates this saying the men who attend class would be there to practice yoga and not stare at 90 Day Fiance star Nicole. She also says “So now you’re blaming the wrongdoings of men on Nicole, or on women? Because men are looking and staring and fantasizing, then women should accommodate to that?”

They also delve into the teachings of the Quran and touch up on the topic of wearing a hijab. Nouran also asks Mahmoud to quote which verse of Quran says women must cover every part of their body and he fails to do so.

Nicole’s friend thinks Mahmoud is “stereotypical”

When asked about her impression of Mahmoud, Nouran says “He’s very stereotypical.” She adds  “The typical Egyptian man … he feels safe in this zone and feels like there’s a threat outside of this zone because he doesn’t know anything else.”

Mahmoud isn’t too impressed by Nouran either. He calls her the “worst girl” he’s ever met in his life.

He defends his opinion by saying that a Muslim person must accept all rules. “I hate people that take the parts you like and lose what you hate.” He also expresses that he doesn’t trust her.

Fans hail Nouran after heated meeting with Mahmoud

While Nouran failed to win Mahmoud’s good graces, she definitely impressed the 90 Day fans.

“This woman is QUEEN ENERGY,” one fan said about her.

“Nouran is my favorite person from 90 day fiancé the other way,” a second fan wrote.

“I really don’t know what Nicole thought was gonna happen with this Mahmoud and this Nouran thing but chillllleeee it was entertaining for us at home,” a third fan hilariously wrote.

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