On a MAP: This is where Love Island's new Jack is from!

Love Island’s New Jack has been causing quite the stir since entering the villa on day 26.

The 6ft3 semi-professional footballer from London has bamboozled audiences with his obscure accent and used his twangy expressions to couple up with Bombshell Laura Crane.

There has always been confusion as to where New Jack is from, however, with nicknames such as ‘Oluwajack’ surfacing on social media.

Finally, we have the answer… on a map!

How Jack Fowler became ‘Oluwajack’ on Twitter – Love Island 2018

From ITV Studios – where is Love Island’s new Jack from?
Love Island: SR4: Ep47 on ITV2

Where is Love Island’s New Jack From?

During a date with villa girlfriend and Devon-born professional surfer Laura, the blonde-haired beauty probed as to where Jack was from.


The proud Londoner explained that he was part Sentinelese, saying that he was “half English and half Sentalinian.”

Naturally, Laura screwed up her face having no idea what ‘Sentalinian’ meant, although Jack kindly went on:

Jack said: It’s actually one of the most remote islands in the world, it’s in-between South Africa and South America – so there’s a bit of a twang (of accent) there.”

Show Us on a Map!

Although Jack used the term Sentalinian, it’s widely assumed that isn’t what he meant.

The Sentinelese are a group of indigenous people from North Sentinel Island, in the Andaman Islands of India.

This isn’t where Jack is actually from.

Judging by his description, it’s more likely that Jack meant St Helena.

What Did Jack Mean?

Jack can’t be “half Sentilnese”. The Sentinelese live on their own small forested island called North Sentinel. They have been on the island for over 55,000 years and have resisted all contact with outsiders.

They gained public attention in 2004 when a member of the tribe was photographed firing arrows at a helicopter which was checking on their welfare.

We’re really not sure if these people watch Love Island, Jack…


Saint Helena

More than likely, Jack has some sort of heritage related to St Helena.

The island he meant sits between South America and Southern Africa, with a population of just 5,000!


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