Fans have hit out at Amber Gill for bullying, labelling her “nasty” and “immature” on social media following an outburst on Love Island episode 20 (aired on Tuesday, June 25th).

The 21-year-old from Newcastle couldn’t conceal her anger as newbie Arabella Chi and Danny Williams kissed by the firepit following a dramatic recoupling that had seen Yewande Biala sent packing.

Amber was shocked that Danny had decided to lean in for a kiss with Ari considering his supposed former romantic partner on the show, Yewande, had been out booted out the door for no less than an hour.

But is it fair to say that Amber started to bully Danny and Arabella? Was she within her right to kick off or has Love Island 2019’s touted winner shot lost a significant fanbase?

From ITV Studios  Love Island: SR5: Ep20 on ITV2  Pictured: Arabella and Danny.

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR5: Ep20 on ITV2
Pictured: Arabella and Danny.

Was it wrong of Danny and Arabella to kiss?

Michael Griffiths summed it up better than anyone else during the arguments that followed Danny and Arabella’s kiss.

Amber raged in hot-tempered anger and pestered Danny for an argument by scrutinizing every counter-argument he produced, while Anna Vakili turned pure childish by blabbering “bye” and “cya” as Danny attempted to reason with them.

Few others in the villa had their say, likely in hesitance of picking a side of the fence to sit on when the Love Island 2019 villa had been one happy family up to this point.

However, Michael stepped forward and put it wisely and maturely. He turned to Danny and said:

You haven’t done anything wrong, 100%. You really haven’t done anything wrong… but you could have handled things a little better.

If Danny and Arabella really wanted to think with their ‘happy family’ hats on then they could have refrained their kiss for a day or two, or at least hid it from the rest of the group.

Amber was angry about the kiss as it represented a clear disregard for Yewande, something that Amber had suspected all along from Danny, who she believes strung along her friend until it ended in heartbreak.

Is Amber a bully?

Fans on Twitter have not spoken kindly of Amber’s reaction, as she blew up with disgust at the kiss, labelling Ari and Danny as disrespectful.


What troubled viewers the most about Amber’s behaviour was her body language and jarring looks of disapproval that were layered on top of her outburst.

Even when the gang attempted to smooth things over the following morning during a group hat, Amber continued to front a sour-looking face that no doubt would have made Arabella feel uncomfortable.

Her behaviour could soon fall into bullying territory should see continue to dagger Mean Girl esc looks at Arabella and put pressure others into sharing her views.

For now, she’s nothing more than a loyal friend albeit fiery and outspoken. She does need to calm down though…

Has Amber lost a lot of fans?

Love Island is very fast-paced dating show, with twists and turns in every episode.

Remember when everyone hated Molly-Mae Hague? Or believed that Amy Hart could do nothing wrong?

It’s unlikely that the fall-out would have damaged Amber’s reputation significantly, especially considering she is still coupled up to Michael, who is one of the series’ knights in shining armour.

Amber is currently at a crossroads, where she can continue to shovel out fans with her overprotection of Yewander, or she can move on like the rest and put these bullying accusations to bed.



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