Opinion: Is Curtis a narcissist? Anna Vakili takes no prisoners in Love Island exit!

Love Island star Anna Vakili departed series 5 to the scenes of tears, scours and extreme tension.

The stunning Majorca villa has been a hostile environment of late, with most of the cast members shocked and hurt by Jordan Hames’s decision to make advancements towards India Reynolds, just a few days after asking Anna to be his girlfriend.

However, at the centre of attention was Curtis Pritchard. The ballroom dancer gave Jordan some unsavoury advice, recommending he pulled India for a chat to announce his true feelings.

Once it had been revealed that Curtis was the man who dished the bad advice, Anna Vakili launched a scathing attack on the 23-year-old and labelled him a narcissist.

So, was Curtis purposely at the centre of attention because he enjoys life as the villa puppet master? Or did he simply give his honest opinion?

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Love Island: SR5: Ep45 on ITV2


Pictured: Curtis and Anna chat.

What is a narcissist?

By definition, a narcissist is someone who has an ‘excessive interest in or admiration of themself’.

Being narcissistic is a personality disorder and isn’t a term that should be thrown around lightly.

The disorder is a mental condition where an individual has an inflated sense of their own importance whereby they need excessive attention or admiration. This is often combined with a lack of empathy for others, as the individual is too caught up in their own self-worth.

Why did Anna call Curtis a narcissist?

Anna felt that Curtis’s advice to Jordan about ‘pulling India for a chat’ was for his own benefit and that he showed no regard for the feelings of anyone else.

The 29-year-old pharmacist claimed that Curtis had only given the advice in order to keep up his reputation as the ‘go-to guy’ for counselling within the ITV villa.

Even when Curtis apologied to Anna for the way the things turned out, Anna barked “you’re a narcissist”, adding that he was only saying sorry for his own interest.

Is Curtis a narcissist?


At the time of Curtis offering his advice to Jordan, there was no way of 100% knowing the outcome. Jord could have easily decided to speak to Anna first, addressing his feelings – which he later admitted he should have done – before approaching India

Likewise, there was no sure way to know how Anna would react. Perhaps she could have approached Jordan and India’s conversation with less aggression and the love triangle would have been smoothed over more delicately.

Curtis didn’t engage Jordan into the conversation and he didn’t give advice for his own benefit. He was simply asked questions and answered them as best as he could.

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Love Island: SR5: Ep45 on ITV2
Pictured: Curtis and Maura chat.

Don’t forget scripting and character-forming… Anna

It’s important to remember the reality TV elements when it comes to Love Island. If something feels too bizarre to be real… it probably is. And if something feels too perfect to be real… it probably is.

Curtis has developed a character where he is the go-to-guy to offer relationship advice. But the fact this storyline is so regularly fed into the show points at scripting and purposeful character-forming.

Voice-over artist Iain Stirling has developed a famous series 5 catchphrase in “then seek advice from a professional… ballroom dancer”.

Realistically, who else was going to sit down with Jordan for a chat?

Even if Curtis didn’t want to, the season seems set-up to ensure that he would be the guy to offer advice.

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Love Island: SR5: Ep45 on ITV2
Pictured: Jordan and Anna are dumped from the Island.

So was Anna in the wrong?

It’s very difficult to shift the blame off anyones shoulders but Jordan. It was his actions alone that led to the seriously uncomfortable consequences.

Nevertheless, Anna calling Curtis a narcissist was out of order.

While everyone may feel sorry for Anna and her sudden heartbreak it’s important to remember her accusations to Curtis.

Apology pending… please.




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