The Kardashian family are impressive for a number of reasons.

First off, they’ve managed to make millions off of pretty much being themselves, capitalising on products which they know people will love and also keeping their reality TV show going for over 10 years.

But series 16 of KUWTK hasn’t exactly delivered and we’re wondering if this could be the beginning of the end for the reality show.

Here’s why we think Keeping Up with the Kardashians season 16 episode 11 is the biggest let down ever…
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Keeping Up with the Kardashians season 16 episode 11 – what happens?

Each season of KUWTK is normally made up of around 17 episodes.

The airing of episode 11, or ‘Treachery’ as it’s called, means that we’re nearing the end of the series with only 5 or 6 episodes left.

Episode 11 has its highs and lows. We get to have a closer look at Kanye West’s Sunday Service, however, the whole episode is overthrown by the sadness coming from Khloe Kardashian.

The episode sees Khloe in extreme pain as she deals with excruciating migraines and sickness to the point where she goes to get an MRI scan.

Then after all the worry and stress of that, Khloe’s results come back fine.

But that isn’t the end of her pain as she finds out that her boyfriend and Jordyn Woods made out at a party while she’s doing single mum life and he’s “working away”.

At this point, the ‘reality TV’ show is verging on watching emotional torture.

What happened between Jordyn and Tristan? Are he and Khloe still together?

Episode 11 revealed that Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Jordyn Woods, and Tristan Thompson (Khloe’s boyfriend) made out at a party. They were ‘all over each other’ and spent the night together until 7 am.

Jordyn – who’s pretty much part of the Kardashian family – cried on the phone and apparently didn’t know what to do.

Viewers then had to witness mum-of-one Khloe in complete shock as she dealt with yet another cheating crisis.

Khloe, who’s normally the life and soul of the family, playing tricks on her mum and never taking life to seriously, has been so ground down to a point where she felt unable to even attend a work event.

We’d guess that Khloe and Tristan aren’t together anymore after the number of cheating scandals that have come to light.

Episode 11 saw Khloe have to check on her unfaithful partner as he said he wanted to ‘kill himself’ over what had happened between himself and Jordyn.

This isn’t fun to watch anymore, guys!
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KUWTK season 16 is a let down as a whole

For anyone who watches the Kardashians, we all know they’re a very well-off family with a life world’s away from the norm. But what makes the show so entertaining is the fact that they don’t take life too seriously.

Watching KUWTK is entertaining, with their sarcastic remarks and prank-playing.

But the 2019 series of the show suddenly just got really serious and we’re not here for it.

Every episode you’re promised some juicy viewing to be left hanging after an hour.

The premiere of season 16 made the Khloe-Tristan-Jordyn cheating scandal the highlight of the series. But they failed to mention you’d have to pretty much wait until the finale to see anything materialise.

We’re not here for snippets folks, we want to know the tea!


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