Every Islander on ITV’s Love Island certainly has their own individual look.

The TV bosses in charge of casting are probably tasked to do their best each year to ensure that the contestants represent all kinds of people.

The 2019 show has leaned slightly more toward simply just casting models, but with the introduction of a builder and a scientist here and there, we can let ITV off.

One thing we’ve never seen on Love Island, though, is an Islander looking identical to another.

Episode 23 of the show saw social media influencer Molly Mae looking like Lucie’s twin. We had to investigate…


Love Island: SR5: Ep8 on ITV2
Pictured: Molly-Mae.

How is Molly Mae morphing into Lucie on Love Island?

If there’s one way to mix things up in a house of stir-crazy twenty-somethings it’s to tell a coupled up guy that you fancy him.

That’s exactly what Lucie did on Love Island during week 4 and it’s not earnt her many fans or friends.

Now that an attraction between Tommy Fury and Lucie Donlan has emerged it looks like Molly Mae Hague has let it get the best of her.

Molly, who once sported a very refined chic look, is now opting for beach waves and boho sunglasses.

Anything you want to tell us, Moll?

Love Island: Molly Mae and Lucie on Twitter

Twitter has near enough become a place for outright nastiness in regards to Love Island and of course the keyboard warriors are not going to let Lucie get away with this shenanigan lightly.

After a few recouplings where Lucie’s managed to stay in the ITV competition, Twitter users have asked: “Why is Lucie still in the villa?” labelling her one of “those girls” who doesn’t have “girl code”.

Episode 23 of the dating show saw Molly Mae and Lucie sat next to each other wearing almost identical bikinis.

The pair of blondes looked very similar to one another – even sporting the same hairstyle.

This led to Twitter users saying that Lucie is attempting to look like Molly.

However, it’s definitely Molly Mae who’s changed her overall look since episode 1 rather than surfer-gal Lucie.

Was Lucie right to tell Tommy Fury how she felt in episode 23?

Love Island kicked things up a notch in episode 23 (Friday, June 28th).

The Islanders were taken aback when there was an announcement that 12 new people would be setting up shop in Mallorca.

While emotions were already running high due to the departure of Tom and Arabella, Lucie Donlan then decided to tell Tommy that she actually could see a potential future with him.

Given that Tommy is officially paired up with Molly Mae it led some Twitter users to call Lucie a snake.

Originally Lucie was coupled with Joe Garratt and when he was booted out the villa she remained in order to ‘find true love’.

Viewers and fellow-Islanders alike were thinking that Lucie was on a hunt to find herself the perfect surfer-dude ‘Bev’ she’d always wanted, little did we know that she’s actually got feelings for the TNT himself!