OPINION: Should The Jeremy Kyle Show be banned for good following Steve Dymond death?

OPINION: Should The Jeremy Kyle Show be banned for good following Steve Dymond death?

For anyone that has chucked on The Jeremy Kyle Show for some cheap daytime TV, you’ve probably never considered the show as anything more than easy entertainment.

Just search for the ITV show in Twitter and keywords that appear are in the “scummy and chav” category or “ridiculous and hilarious”.

Not so funny when someone takes their own life, though.

Should we ban The Jeremy Kyle Show be banned for good?

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The problem with The Jeremy Kyle Show

It’s hard to comprehend how an average of one million people tune in to The Jeremy Kyle Show every day. Yet they do.

While it seems unlikely that the show has religious followers who flick on at 9:25 am each morning, everyone in the UK has seen the show at least once.

And we all come away from a 60-minute sitting with the same notion: “Where the f**k do they find these people?”

Following 14 years and over 3,000 episodes, how many of us can honestly say that they switch off The Jeremy Kyle show with feelings of remorse and empathy.

Or are we primed by the very nature of the show to detest, look down and shake our heads in disgust at the characters we see on screen?

Is Jeremy Kyle to blame?

Star of the show and king of the stage is Jeremy Kyle.

The 53-year-old demands authority on the show, often interrupting with egotistical interjections such as “whose show is this?” and dressing up his attacks as if they were acts of investigative journalism.

The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Jeremy’s tactics of kicking guests into changing their troubled lifestyle habits – from alcoholism to stealing and sleeping with married family members – is less than subtle.

While Graham is always on hand to pick up the broken pieces, Jeremy often approaches issues as delicately as a brick approaches a glasshouse.

It inevitably rubs off on audiences both in the studio and at home. If the host doesn’t genuinely care for the guests… why should we?

Should Jeremy Kyle be banned from TV for good?

We all wish a tragic death didn’t have to be the catalyst to ban The Jeremy Kyle Show but it’s a clear signal that we should pull it from broadcast.

According to reports, Steve failed a lie detector test regarding cheating on his ex-fiancee, which led to the all-so-familiar boos and hisses from the crowd.

Mentally, he didn’t cope with the repercussions.

While it’s been noted that the ITV aftercare team did all they could for Steve after he left the show, that doesn’t change the underlining facts of what has happened.

A man has committed suicide in direct correlation to participating in a show, 10 days after he was involved in it.

That show should no-longer exist.

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