OPINION: Was the Love Island lie detector scripted? Or even fake?

The Love Island lie detector test provided the most entertaining episode of series four so far. Then again, what else should we have expected? We’ve been waiting for f*cking ages.

Love Island 2018 has started to feel slow, sluggish and irksome at times. If you’re looking for a word of the day, it’d be banal.

Despite boasting almost double the viewing figures from last year’s record-breaking series, the cast of Love Island 2018 haven’t quite matched up to the naturally hilarious boys and girls of series three.

Dani, Jack, Wes, you’re all amazing. It’s just not quite Chris and Kem.

There has been more of a focus on relationship drama than in-villa friendships and bonds, with each Love Island episode overcrowded with one-on-one relationship chats.

How many times have we heard “can I have a quick chat” over the past six weeks?

With less than a week left before the grand final (Monday 30th July) we finally got to witness the lie detector in action. And boy did it deliver.

Hearts were daggered to death with vicious and spiteful questions, with each interrogation aimed at causing extreme relationship tension before the final public vote.

Almost sounds like it may have been scripted, no?

There is no way that some of the Love Island lie detector questions weren’t pushed by producers.

Think about it. If you were in a happy couple with just a few days before the final, why would you ruin your chances of winning £50,000 with a series of questions that could not only damage your relationship but taint your image in the public eye?

Jack Fowler and Laura Crane came off the worst. While Jack’s bickering with former flame Laura Anderson was clearly natural, the questions he faced weren’t.

His girlfriend, Laura Crane, asked if “she was a better kisser than Laura Anderson”.

The question was loaded with stinging terms such as ‘Old Laura’ and ‘New Laura’, and baited towards poor Jack with Laura Anderson having to read allowed the questions herself.


What outrageous, unbelievable and incredibly entertaining footage – in other words, it was set up by Love Island producers.

Yet, somehow, fans on social media fumed at New Laura, branding her “immature” for the questions she came out with.

Take a look in the mirror.

Are you so immature that you believe Love Island is 100% real?

When it came to the golden couple, Dani Dyer and Jack Fincham, the lie detector test provided a final chance to try and disrupt their all but perfect relationship.

Throwing Jack’s ex-girlfriend into the mix didn’t do the trick, so here came a battering of heartfelt questions from Dani, most of which – coincidentally – answered questions that have been speculated in the press.

“Is Jack in the relationship because of Dani’s dad, Danny Dyer?” – for example.

Love Island 2018 has become something of a chore over recent weeks.

Natural and playful footage has been swapped out for more baited, manipulated and perhaps even scripted scenarios. The Love Island lie detector is just another example.

A lie detector test to determine whether the lie detector test is real – now there’s an idea.

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