Orange Michelle from The Circle USA is TikTok famous

The Circle USA is back for a third season in 2021. The Netflix series first dropped in 2020 following the success of the show’s UK version. New episodes of The Circle are ready to watch on Netflix as of September 8th, 2021.

There’s a whole batch of new players doing whatever it takes to survive the Circle. One of them was excited the second she arrived, so let’s find out more about South Carolina native, ‘Orange Michelle’!

Screenshot: Orange Michelle The Circle USA season 3 – Netflix

Who is Michelle Rider?

Michelle Rider is one of the Circle USA contestants in season 3.

She’s a wife and mother to four children. Michelle is 52 years old. She added in her intro: “Don’t let the age fool you, I feel 20 years old.”

Southern belle Michelle comes from Pacolet, South Carolina. During The Circle so far, she’s said she enjoys some open mic night comedy, fishing and outdoor life.

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Michelle’s The Circle game plan

When it comes to entering The Circle, many contestants opt for quite complex game plans and catfish their way to the top.

Attempting to become the group’s ‘motherly figure’, Michelle said she wasn’t planning on using a persona on the show and added: “I’m gonna be me, I don’t believe I could be anybody else but myself.

Dog mama Orange Michelle had her work cut out during the season as she had to compete with imposter ‘Blue Michelle’.

The Circle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

The Circle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

Meet Michelle on TikTok

Michelle maybe 52 years old but she’s actually very much up-to-date when it comes to social media.

The comedian has a TikTok account (@shellybellycomedy) which has around 760k followers. Michelle’s account also has over 8m likes.

The Circle USA player creates comedy videos on TikTok and is also available for comedy shows.

By the looks of Twitter, Michelle became a fan favourite from the start of The Circle season 3. One person tweeted: “I loooooveeee orange Michelle“.

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Screenshot: Orange Michelle The Circle USA season 3 – Netflix



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