Our Shirley Valentine Summer: 5 things you didn't know about Sian Lloyd!

Of all the ladies on Our Shirley Valentine Summer, Sian has been one of the first to spark a romantic flame.

She’s proven herself one of the girls, and a dab hand in the kitchen.

But what do we really know about Wales’s most famous weather girl?

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Sian Lloyd Is a Journalist

Well, she is these days. And perhaps always has been, if you count presenting the weather at tea time. Since she did it longer than any other female meteorologist, 24 years in total.

Having written for a number of papers and guest starred on plenty of shows, Sian is now focused on her role as a travel journalist.

Heck, if reality TV writer is a real journalism job, then Sian Lloyd is definitely a journo!


Sian is Really, Really Welsh

She speaks the language, and has no patience for those who mock it as being short on vowels. Even though London is home, she certainly gets back to South Wales often and supports a number of local causes.

And yes, she really likes her rugby – it’s the law over there!

She Dated That Politician with the Funny Name

Oh yes, she was once engaged to Lembit Öpik. They even did Celebrity Who Wants to be a Millionaire together.

But when that didn’t work out, he moved on to one of The Cheeky Girls… the cheek of it!

Since then, Sian was married to Jonathan Ashman for eight years, but it ended in divorce like her first marriage to Mark Cavendish. Unlucky in love for a third time, that prompted Sian to try out new dating approaches in Greece.

Sian Lloyd Loves the Great Outdoors

But the outdoors doesn’t always love her.

Whether she’s cycling with ‘Derek the Weather’, or going for a nice long hike, she does have an unfortunate habit of injuring herself.

She’s broken her wrist more than once, but it always makes for a decent Twitter story.

Sian is Definitely a Foodie

From the many gorgeous dishes littering her Twitter and Instagram to her cooking exploits on Our Shirley Valentine Summer, Sian has shown a real love of food and cookery.

She even teaches other people how to cook now and then.

Getting hungry just reading about her…



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