Although best known for striking fear into the hearts of Britain’s messiest people, Aggie MacKenzie definitely isn’t on cleanup duty on  Our Shirley Valentine Summer.

As a TV presenter and clean-freak, Aggie can be quite intimidating for a small, Scottish woman.

You’ll be pleased to hear she’s found her zen though and shares her yoga mindfulness with the other Shirley Valentine ladies.

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Aggie Is Good in the Kitchen

Turns out, she’s not just good at running around with a sponge and finding horrifying things in the cupboards. Dabbling with Greek recipes, Aggie was definitely one of the most accomplished cooks among the group of eight.

That didn’t mean she was going to play skivvy to everyone else. Right from the start she warned them that she’d take her turn, but expected everyone else to step up for theirs.

The lesson? Don’t mess with Aggie MacKenzie.

Did We Mention Aggie Used to be a Spy?

No, really. When she applied to work for the Foreign Office, she was actually recruited to the Secret Intelligence Service. That’s MI6 to you and me.

So was she out there chasing down bad guys like James Bond? Or was it more of a Moneypenny role?

According to Aggie, she did do all the training. She was taught how to use a gun, how to work with agents and even use ‘dead drops’.

After a few years, she left to take a Press Officer role. Not everyone likes being a double agent!


She’s Also a Yoga Instructor

We saw a bit of her technique when she introduced Ninia to the basics in episode one, but Aggie is the real deal when it comes to yoga.

She teaches intensive courses on retreat in gorgeous foreign locations, as well as regular classes in London. So if you feel the need to stretch and realign your chakras…

You Can Still Get How Clean Is Your House Cleaning Advice from Aggie

She still regularly appears as a guest on BBC 5Live and RTE Radio for you to call or text your cleaning woes.

Don’t expect an easy answer though. Aggie Mackenzie is a big believer in elbow grease.

At least on the radio, no-one can see your sink full of dirty dishes, eh?

But Aggie and Kim Woodburn Aren’t on Speaking Terms

You may remember that Kim, the other half of the How Clean Is Your House? duo was kicked out of CBB. She argued with fellow housemates so much that security had to remove her.

It seems that habit of falling out extends to Aggie as well. The two are said to no longer be on speaking terms, and things were frosty even before they stopped filming the show.

Team Aggie or Team Kim?

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