Of all the activities on Our Shirley Valentine Summer, restaurant managing seems to be the hardest work so far.

The ladies love a good taverna, but running one is quite different than what they learn from their one Greek cooking class. Still, Lizzie Cundy is determined to find a new life for herself beyond being a former WAG.

Friday night, at least 50 guests… no pressure, right?

Get to Know Nancy Dell’Olio – Our Shirley Valentine Summer

shirley valentine summer restaurant
Lizzie Cundy wants to prove she’s more than just a WAG

Our Shirley Valentine Ladies in the Kitchen

Ninia is excused from restaurant duty thanks to an upset stomach. That leaves just seven ladies to run the whole taverna for the evening, and one of those is Nancy, who hasn’t been playing well with others.

With Lizzie playing hostess for the evening, she’s dividing the rest of the crew between the kitchen and waitressing.

Aggie and Sian are wrestling the big pots and pans, but Ingrid Tarrant is a little more worried about her cooking skills.

shirley valentine summer restaurant
Ingrid thinks she’d be better on salads

Waitress Melinda Messenger and Nancy Dell’Olio on the Wine

That combination alone would make most people give the taverna a try.

There’s some concern about Nancy’s reliability. She and Annabel go off in search of baklava instead of doing any kitchen prep.

Lizzie worries that Nancy won’t want to mingle with the customers or serve them wine. Luckily, Nancy turns out to be a natural.


Lizzie, Melinda, and Nancy keep the customers satisfied, even when food is slow to leave the kitchen.

Is it Getting Hot in the Kitchen?

With the menu stripped back to a handful of dishes, it should be easier for the ladies to keep up.

Everyone seems to be having fish, salad, or rice pudding. A bit more school dinners than dinner in Greek paradise, but whatever works.

As the orders finally taper off, there’s even time for some joking around.

shirley valentine summer restaurant
Aggie Mackenzie and Sian Lloyd in the kitchen

Ninia Escapes Working in the Restaurant

While the other ladies are setting up and shopping for supplies, Ninia makes it from her sick bed to the pool. Later still, she’s showing up to dine, enjoying her speedy recovery and picking out the single men.

So while everyone else is rushing around and sweating over hot stoves, Ninia is sipping rosé with Denis, which is probably the best place to be.

shirley valentine summer restaurant
Ninia Benjamin knows whats up

Lizzie Cundy’s Kitchen Nightmare?

It’s a long night and it takes plenty of charm to keep the customers happy.

But Lizzie’s team don’t let her down, and it’s hugs and glasses of wine all-round once they’re done for the evening.

Does a new career beckon for Lizzie? Watch this space for her taking over a restaurant in London any day now, surely.

shirley valentine summer restaurant
Lizzie Cundy, Our Shirley Valentine Summer, Series 1, Episode 2


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