Our Shirley Valentine Summer Melinda Messenger: 5 must-know facts!

On Our Shirley Valentine Summer, Melinda Messenger is more interested in her chickens than the dating scene.

As with many of the familiar faces on this sun-soaked series, you might be wondering: where do I know her from?

Maybe you just want to know a few more facts to get the whole picture. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being a bit nosy!

Here’s the rundown on Melinda, and hopefully the answers to your most pressing questions, too.

How Old is Melinda Messenger?

One of the youngest on the show, Melinda is just 47 years old.

Melinda Messenger – Is She Married?

Like all the ladies on Our Shirley Valentine Summer, Melinda is currently single.

She was married for a number of years to Wayne Roberts, but they split in November 2012.

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Two years later she began a relationship with Warren Smith, her ski coach on The Jump. She had to withdraw from the show with a concussion, but the bump on the head didn’t stop her getting her man. They split just before Christmas 2017.

How Many Kids Does Melinda Messenger Have?

She’s the mother to three children: Morgan, Flynn, and Evie.

At 14, 16, and 18 they urged Melinda, former Quality Street ‘Celebrity Mum of the Year’ to get out there to Greece and have some fun.

What they’ll make of her goats and chickens is anybody’s guess.

Was Melinda Messenger on Page 3?

Yes, the infamous page three of the Sun is where she got her big break.

Since then, Melinda Messenger has presented shows like Fort Boyard, with the late Leslie Grantham, and Cowboy Builders. She’s also done her stints on Dancing on Ice and Celebrity Big Brother.

She’s also an ambassador to Barnardo’s and regularly appears in panto.

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Melinda is a Serious Animal Person

With three dogs and three cats, any potential suitor will have to be good at handling teenagers and a multitude of pets.

Surely there’s a man out there – in Greece or otherwise – willing to take all that on?

Step forward gentlemen, and form an orderly queue.



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