With so many single ladies looking for love on Our Shirley Valentine Summer, speed dating is the obvious next step.

That means it’s time for Annabel Giles, Sian Lloyd and Ninia Benjamin to ditch Naxos for Athens.

Here, they can mingle with other singletons as they all attend a speed dating night organised by George the matchmaker.

Our Shirley Valentine Summer: What We Learned From Episode One

Sian, Annabel and Ninia Take to Athens for Speed Dating

From the moment their plane touches down, it’s clear they know what they’re in for. All their hilarious date preparation before flying hasn’t made them feel much more confident, though.

Seeking advice on the quality of the men in Athens, they ask a local expert – the taxi driver.

His verdict?

Local men are not to be trusted. Too late, the speed dating is going ahead anyway!

shirley valentine summer speed dating

The ladies know what awaits them in Athens

Annabel Gets Upset

Preparing for one date with one person is nerve-wracking enough, never mind a whole room’s worth of them.

As the ladies take their places and settle down with drinks, the tension is creeping in.

It gets to Annabel most of all, and things get pretty emotional for a hot minute.

shirley valentine summer speed dating

Annabel Giles pre-speed dating

How Do You Pronounce Sian?

The biggest challenge all night for Sian is teaching the eligible Greek bachelors how to pronounce her name correctly.


She can’t say she wasn’t warned, either. During their mock date practice with each other at the airport, it’s exactly the joke Annabel decided to wind Sian up with.

Before long, each round is turning into a lesson on the finer points of Welsh vowels.

shirley valentine summer speed dating

Sian teaches Welsh pronunciation

Ninia’s Date With Nothing to Say

For a man with such a loud orange t-shirt, this guy doesn’t have a lot to say.

Even with Ninia filling in the blanks for him, the conversation doesn’t get much past…

Erm… yes. Yeah. Yes.

Not exactly much to write home about. Despite the slower rounds, Ninia is starting to see the appeal of speed dating and goes so far as to say she might try it again back home.

shirley valentine summer speed dating

Ninia is warming up to speed dating

Annabel and the Dead Mother

As conversation topics go, dead relatives isn’t a big success.

To be fair to Annabel, she only stumbles into dead mother territory because her date rudely takes a call during their five minutes. You’d think after that she’d never want to mention mothers again but does as soon as they share their respective ages.

It’s like watching a car crash in slow motion… the only speed date of the night to end with “I’m sorry.”

shirley valentine summer speed dating

At least you can be honest with yourself, Annabel

Speed Dating Fail

You’d think with all these options, the ladies might stumble across a Mr Right or two.

Closest is Annabel, who has an undisclosed ‘maybe’. Sian and Ninia agree many of the gentlemen on offer were lovely.

At the end of the night though? They’re just not feeling it, even if they have adjusted their views on dating in general.

shirley valentine summer speed dating

Sian gives the final verdict

Don’t hold back Sian, tell us how you really feel!



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