Craig and Paige’s relationship has been on full display for viewers to watch on the latest season of Summer House, however they have had a few hurdles along the way…

Summer House season 6 is finally underway. The Bravo series follows a group of young professionals on their summer in a house in the Hamptons.

Paige DeSorbo is one of the main cast members on the show, and this season she brings along her boyfriend, Craig. Reality Titbit have explored the rumours about Craig and Kristen, and another love triangle which the pair have been involved in…

Summer House: Craig and Kristen

During last nights episode of Summer House, we saw Lindsey Hubbard confront Paige about Craig hooking up with Kristen Cavallari. When asked why Lindsey brought it up, she said because she wanted to be a “good friend” to Paige.

Craig responded to this claim saying “Me and Paige can hook up with whoever. We’re all okay with it”, and never fully gave a yes or no answer. He later suggested that Lindsey had made up this accusation, by saying: “If you let Lindsay get in your head, you are weaker than I thought”.

Since this, Kristen has denied ever hooking up with Craig.

This isn’t Paige and Craig’s first love triangle

Although this drama caused quite the stir for the pair, this isn’t the first hurdle they’ve had throughout their relationship. When they first got together, they were in a love triangle with Andrea Denver.

Fans of the show were confused about how upset Paige was at the news about Craig and Kristen hooking up, due to her previous love triangle. Paige had regularly boasted about juggling the two boys on Bravo, and loved having them both at her feet.

Many viewers took to Twitter to discuss this. One user said: “Paige wanted to be in a love triangle with Craig and Andrea, not with Craig and Kristen. She has no room to be upset”.

Craig and Paige became “grid-official”

Nowadays, a relationship isn’t official until they’re introduced on the gram. Both Craig and Paige have now posted each other on their social media accounts, making them “grid-official” as they call it.

Paige confirmed their romance on the 19th of December with a picture of the pair captioned “Sew in love”. As Summer House is filmed in advance, we’re currently seeing the beginning of their relationship, and the bumps they have had to deal with. However, from both their Instagram’s it is clear that they overcame these love triangles and are as strong as ever.



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