The Chicken Connoisseur has nabbed his very own show on Channel 4. The connoisseur, AKA Elijah Quashie, began life on YouTube, rating various chicken shops around London.

That life has since transformed. The word ‘peng’ is now in front of it. Elijah is joined by best friends and now co-hosts, Wilson and Nelson, as the three musketeers pit high-end services or products against cheaper alternatives.

This is everything you need to know about Wilson and Nelson!

Nelson, Elijah and Nelson

They’ve Known Elijah Since They Were 11

Wilson and Nelson have known best friend Elijah Quashie since they were just 11 years old. We don’t think they’ve been tasting chicken for that entire time, but we imagine it wasn’t long before Elijah brought the pair into The Chicken Connoisseur life.

The Connoisseur calls Wilson and Nelson the ‘twinsons.’ Get it? Because they are twins? And both of their first names end in ‘son?’


Nelson is the Younger Twin

Yep, Wilson is the older of the two. Nelson refuses to say just how much younger than his brother, though:

“I won’t say how long. It could be minutes. It could be hours, it could be days, it could be years.”

We mean, it’s probably just minutes but sure, why not? It could be years…

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They Have a Brother Who Passed Away Tragically

Wilson and Nelson had an older brother, Bradley Quaresma, who died in tragic circumstances.

Bradley was an aspiring architect who was stabbed during a brawl in a Stratford park. The culprit, a 21-year-old man, was found guilty of manslaughter but not guilty of murder.

Wilson and Nelson Are of Portuguese Heritage

The two are of Portuguese heritage and are very in touch with their roots – they wore Portugal shirts during the entire World Cup, routing for Ronaldo and co.

Rather handily, they share their surname, Quaresma, with Portuguese footballer Ricardo Quaresma. That must’ve made getting their names on football shirts a little easier.

They Support Arsenal FC

Another football fact – the sport is clearly a big thing in both of their lives based on their Instagram feed. This one makes sense, too, seeing as they reside in North London.

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