There’s nothing quite like a new Netflix series to sink our teeth into and Pet Stars is the perfect lighthearted series to fill anyone’s evenings. Let’s get to know the star of the Netflix series, Colleen Wilson.

Pet Stars focuses on Colleen and Melissa who work as talent agents for pets. Yes, talent agents for pets, and they operate across the world signing all kinds of animals up for work.

From finding monkeys and tortoises their dream acting role, to sourcing the world’s ugliest dogs and scouting for canine fashionistas – it looks like there’s rarely a dull moment in Colleen’s life!

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Screenshot: Pet Stars Ugly Is Beautiful – Netflix

Who is Colleen on Netflix show Pet Stars?

Pet Stars is a brand new series to Netflix as of April 30th 2021.

Colleen Wilson is the woman at the forefront of the show and the series follows Colleen as she goes about her job working as a talent agent for animals. Viewers also get to meet her pet Dalmation, Charlie, who is deaf and knows sign language!

Colleen’s Dalmation has a huge Instagram following of almost 20k, follow Charlie @deafdal.

The five-episode series sees Colleen scout for surf dog contests and canine fashion shows, as well as audition chickens and lizards for the non-traditional pet competitions.

Colleen Wilson is the CEO of Pets On Q

While Colleen is now set to experience reality TV stardom after appearing in her own Netflix series, she already has a busy schedule running her business Pets On Q.

Colleen and her business partner, Melissa May Curtis, connect brands with animals, help out animal influencers and assist in casting animals for various productions.

Follow Pets On Q on Instagram where it has around 8,000 followers (@petsonq).

Meet Colleen on Instagram

Follow Colleen Wilson on Instagram under the handle @colleen.m.wilson where she has just over 1,500 followers.

Colleen often takes to the ‘gram giving her followers a glimpse into what life is like as a CEO and dog mama.

From a quick scan of her IG, it looks as though Colleen is married, is close to her family, loves giraffes, enjoys a spot of sightseeing and is an avid globe trotter!

Her IG sees her tagged in Zimbabwe, LA, Italy, Croatia and more.



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